Democrats Are Worried….VERY Worried!


In all the time I’ve followed politics, which basically has been since the 1968 presidential election between Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey (I was in the 6th grade), I have never heard of a presidential candidate that was replaced AFTER a convention. Oh, we had the whole Thomas Eagleton being replaced as the VP nominee when George McGovern bounced him from the ticket after it was learned he had seen a psychiatrist. That was back in 1972. But I’ve never heard of a presidential candidate getting the boot. Until now.

Word is that many Democrats are afraid that Hillary is not healthy, not telling the truth about it, and not going to be able to beat Donald Trump. Their internal polling is saying that she is the ONLY Democrat out of a handful tested that actually loses to Trump in a general election scenario. Who said all of that? None other than liberal icon Cokie Roberts. Actually, she was appearing on “Morning Edition” on NPR (something we used to call “No Pants Radio” back in college), and said that Democrats are nervously whispering about replacing Hillary on the ticket. My question is, who makes that decision? As the presidential nominee, isn’t Hillary the de facto head of the party? Or are they going to rely on the head of the DNC, who is now…Donna Brazile…a well-known Clintonista.

And who do you think the whispers include as the replacement? Go ahead…take a guess. Yup. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out its Smilin’ Joe Biden. Apparently, he is still waiting in the wings for his cue to enter the presidential race.

Will it happen? That’s the big question, and my hunch is no, it won’t. I think it shows a huge lack of confidence and trust in a candidate and a party to have to pull the top of the ticket, unless Hillary is SO sick she just can’t continue. And according to her campaign, she is fine…just fine. Nothing to see here, son….move along. So they really can’t go back and pull her or have her drop out of the race, though that’s what Cokie Roberts is saying. It’s also what A.B. Stoddard is saying as well. A.B. is another noted liberal that follows the Democrats pretty tightly and she has hinted that the pressure may be on for Clinton to actually step aside “for health reasons”. Will that happen? Again, I think Hillary is in it unless and until she collapses and dies at a rally. And as much as I despise the woman, I would never wish that on anybody.

Hillary’s campaign is in free-fall right now, which worries me a little. It’s way too early to be wrapping this thing up. There’s a lot of time in September before the debates…the whole three debate thing, and of course, the stuff that comes up after the debates to make a judgement on putting away an opponent at this point. But if Hillary stumbles during the debate…if she has a coughing fit, or passes out, or goes into that catatonic stare of hers, she might just get the hook in favor of Smilin’ Joe!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Democrats Are Worried….VERY Worried!

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    If Hillary drops out or is yanked out, the DNC will have a train wreck on their hands. Six weeks to go, and the DNC wants to change horses? Demented thinking. (No offense intended towards Biden)

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