Obama Administration Admits: Iran Deal Sucks

Anybody with a third grade education could have told you (and probably did) that the United States made a terrible deal with the Iranians over their attempt to acquire nuclear weapons. John Kerry, who’s the second weakest Secretary of State in human history (next to “Re-Set Hillary”) basically gave away the store so Barack Obama could have something to hang on the “Foreign Policy” wall of his presidential library. And while they were negotiating it, we were reminded that we’d have inspection privileges (which we don’t have), and we’d walk away from the deal if it were a bad deal (which we didn’t), and it would bring the Iranians more into line with modern society and make them useful members of the world (which it hasn’t).

Well, it turns out Obama and Kerry were wrong on all accounts. State Department spokesperson John Kirby said this week that yes…the US was mistaken in believing that the Iranians would start behaving if we gave them the bomb. With the increased hostilities in the Persian Gulf, and the threats of shooting down US Navy jets over international waters, the Iranians have been anything but co-operative. In fact, the hostility has grown over the past couple of weeks. Not only that, but they have tested five Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s) in violation of United Nations’ sanctions. They got their bomb thanks to Kerry and Obama, and now they are painting clown faces on both of them.

Here’s an idle thought. If some retired guy sitting in the middle of a desert 2,342 miles away from Washington, DC and never having “inside classified information” like Kerry and Obama have about the Iranians can call this one six months ago, and I wasn’t alone, what does that say about the ability of Kerry and Obama to deal with foreign policy? If someone with absolutely NO foreign policy experience, NO negotiations experience (at least on a foreign policy level), and NO inside knowledge of the facts can predict the outcome of a deal six months ahead of it becoming a major disaster and headache for the administration, what does that say? Well, it either says I’m one helluva smart person (sorry…not necessarily true), or they are incredibly naïve and dumb (very true!).

This is one more reason why the world laughs at us. This is one more reason why when you look at this year’s presidential election, you have to wonder if someone like Donald Trump who has no foreign diplomatic policy experience is going to be better than Hillary Clinton who actually initiated the idea of negotiating with the Iranians. Now, I am NOT laying this at her feet because it was the feckless leadership of the president and even worse negotiating skills of John Kerry that caused the mess, but she does have her fingerprints on this one. What does this say about Obama’s leadership abilities? What does this say about John Kerry’s skills as Secretary of State? Why are we being so naïve that we are going to be able to change an enemy’s position by arming them with more and more dangerous weapons…and then handing over the cash for them to pay for it all?

I think it makes us pretty stupid!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Kerry may be, just about as dumb as it gets. He is an embarrassment. Obama, is dumber than snot, but he also has a purpose. He wants the U.S. to resemble the Middle East……….. He can’t carry out his evil plots without getting caught, which makes him a dumbass. Smarter people carry out their crooked deeds and get away with it for years. With Obama we pretty much know immediately or at least within reasonably short time, what he has or has not done.

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