Hillary’s New Book Flops

Not every author gets a hit every time out. I mean when Mario Puzo wrote “The Godfather”, did he follow it up with another huge best seller? Actually, it wasn’t. It was a non-fiction book called “The Godfather Papers And Other Confessions”. It was published in 1972, three years after “The Godfather”. So, even some very prolific authors have struck out after having hits, right? Well, you can add Hillary Clinton to the list…except this is strike two for her.

Remember her book tour back at the beginning of 2015? It was the tour that was supposed to be the start of her campaign…her run up to her run if you will. The book was called “Hard Choices”, and it left the publisher, CBS awash with unsold books in its warehouses. CBS claimed they lost $10 million on the deal. In the first week, “Hard Choices” sold 85,000 books. Hillary’s new book co-authored with VP running mate Tim Kane called “Stronger Together”? Well, during its first week it sold 2,912 books. Math freaks know that is just 3.5% of what her last book, which also flopped sold. That is what is called a MAJOR disappointment in the publishing world. It is a safe bet you won’t be reading any new books from Hillary Clinton any time soon, regardless the outcome of the election!

So, the question is why? Why does this presidential candidate have book sales that would rival my first week if I wrote a book, when a) she’s running for the highest office in the land and traditionally candidate book sales land at #1 on the NY Times Bestseller List and b) she is supposed to be a pretty good author (though I’ll admit, I’ve never read one of her books). I think those are very valid and telling questions. And I think the answer is actually pretty easy…

Hillary Clinton has been over-publicized and no one is excited about her candidacy.

There. I said it. People are tired of seeing Bill and Hillary Clinton. She may be raising tons of cash, she may have a huge ground game and thousands of paid staffers, but her crowds are dwindling. Hell, even Bill is having a hard time drawing more than a few hundred people. And this is in the home stretch of a presidential race! So, what does it say about the election as a whole? Well, for months, pundits have been talking about how Trump’s crowds are growing in size, and the enthusiasm figure is there for him, even though he hasn’t got the ground game, and hasn’t raised the money.

If you look at a traditional presidential year, Donald Trump shouldn’t be leading by up to six points as he is in some of the latest polls (and there were more than one I saw!). He should be getting swamped. He’s being outspent 10-1. That’s usually a telling figure. And he’s got fewer offices nationwide than Hillary has in Virginia alone. That’s ALWAYS a telling figure. He should be getting his butt kicked right now. There isn’t any way he should be competitive, much less leading. So what’s the reason? I’ve said it for the last year and a half…Hillary Clinton is the worst presidential candidate in US history, surpassing John McCain and Bob Dole (who I think were actually worse than Jimmy Carter as candidates!). In fact, Hillary Clinton is so bad…she’s surpassed the second worst candidate in US history…Donald Trump. THAT is why he’s still in this thing.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Hillary’s New Book Flops

  1. Well Desert, strange blog today and I’m not sure what your point is, Hillary should not be president because of lousy book sales? Donald Trump is leading because of lousy book sales?

    Actually Hard Choices was just plain boring. As an amateur historian and all around know-it-all. History can be exciting to read, i.e., Stephen Ambrose, Lawrence Wright, Hampton Sides, Stephen Chernow, Douglas Brinkley, very early Woodward and Bernstein, or so boring it puts you to sleep, example, I have a book on the Borgias that once read at night to make fall asleep. A book on the Borgias boring! This family makes the alleged antics of the Clintons look bush league.

    Why is Il Duce of Orange keeping it close, because the media is a bunch of pussies pure and simple. While Hillary is basically held under an electron microscope, the Orange Blowhole lies every time he speaks and continues to do this because he knows he can get away with it. There has been little or no accountability by the Fourth Estate on his verbal butt gravy. His tax plan as such is basically trickle down BS Republicans have been peddling for years (the influence of that beanbag advisor Stephen Moore) mixed with mystery meat and magic fairy dust. You are an intelligent person and you have to admit that this plan is the money helicopter flying over the 1%. Immigration, what is his plan? Jobs, what is his plan? Veterans, what is his plan? You get the idea. Tax returns, release the returns or show us the alleged audit letter, even that blonde bimbo campaign manager of his was stumped by that questions.

    While the election appears to be close, it will come down to getting out the vote and Hillary’s ground game is better than Obama’s and look what he did to the Mittster. Agent Orange’s ground game is pathetic and I am being generous, but we shall see.

    Got the names I need, working on my goals and turn in the paperwork Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for your assistance and see you in October.

    • Always happy to help you understand my blogs, Snarky. The point here is simple. Nobody is really interested in Hillary Clinton. her book flops for a reason (besides the last one being boring…which I agree it was). people aren’t excited about her, and if she was running against anyone but Trump she’d be down by 30 points right now. The mere fact she’s close, shows how bad of a candidate Trump is.

      Glad you got the names…happy to help out! Have a safe vacation! Don’t forget the orientation is the first week of October!!!

  2. Desert. thanks and the orientation is written down in my infamous day planner. Worst presidential candidate was either Alton Parker or Warren G Harding who campaigned from his front porch in Ohio and was nominated because “he looked like a president.” Probably the most corrupt administration a/k/a Ohio Gang.

    • Just because you campaign from your front porch doesn’t make you a bad candidate…look at Thomas Jefferson! Yes, Harding was terrible and corrupt. So was Andrew Johnson…and probably half a dozen others!

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