Powell Basically Agrees With Me!

Colin Powell came out with a clarification the other day that basically agreed with that I’ve been saying the last few months. Hillary Clinton is dangerous, stretches the truth and lies, and is not qualified to become president, and that Republican nominee, Donald Trump basically isn’t qualified as well.

Well tell us something we couldn’t already figure out Colin! The one thing that Powell basically said in his new statement, was that he thought the election of Hillary Clinton, who he cited as a friend, and someone he respects, would be dangerous for the country. Go figure!

The problem is her lying. The problem is when you can’t trust anybody, then you can’t believe them, and when that person is the president of the United States, you’re in trouble if you can’t believe them.

That’s the problem with Hillary’s presidential run. She can SAY she’s healthy. Do you believe her? She can SAY she feels this way or that way about a certain issue, but can you believe her? She SAYS you can trust her to turn the economy around by doing what Barack Obama has been doing (and it hasn’t been working). Do you believe that by doing the same thing over and over again, you can get a different outcome? Isn’t that the actual definition of insanity?

That’s the whole problem here. I wouldn’t call Colin Powell a dyed in the wool Republican or Democrat, and I really wouldn’t call him a politician since he’s never run for anything in his life. I don’t know as if I would trust HIM to be president. But I know what he’s saying about Hillary IS true. She proves him right every day out.

Look, I know this for a fact. This race is tighter than it should be and it’s because of two factors. Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy and a convicted pathological liar; and Donald Trump is the second worst person ever to run for the presidency on a major party ticket. The first is Hillary Clinton. Regardless who wins this election, the real loser is going to be America. Go figure!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!