Hillary’s Temple U. Speech Very Telling!

So Hillary Clinton made a visit to Temple University on Monday. She was out trying to court Millennials. I didn’t see the speech, but I read it, and I have to tell you, here is a woman that is not a happy camper right now. She told the 1/3 filled room of about 130 students that she “knows that you’ve got questions about me, I get that. But you have to get out and vote for me or otherwise, you’re going to end up with Donald Trump as your president!” By the way…there are 37,788 students enrolled at Temple. Only 130 of them wanted to show up at her rally…here’s a picture:hillary-small-crowd-768x576

Hillary also didn’t do a lot to sway the kids’ views that she has health issues. She spoke from a three-step stage and had to get help getting up and down the stairs. She looks like a 90 year old when she climbs stairs. And those images are burned in the minds of not only those kids, but also Americans (and foreigners) that are watching this race very closely.

Let’s compare and contrast (as my 9 year old granddaughter likes to say) the two in this arena. Donald Trump bounces into a room. Hillary strides in with people helping her on either side. While Bobo Obama bounds up the stairs when he speaks on her behalf, Hillary needs help getting up the stairs, one step at a time. Trump also bounds up the stairs. Now, I know that walking up a flight of stairs is not a qualification of becoming president…hell FDR couldn’t even begin to do it, but in today’s campaign, with all of the media fixated on Hillary’s health (or lack of it), it’s a very telling sign.

Hillary also told the kids that she was depressed about how the campaign was going and that she wanted to get her message across but she needed them to register to vote and to vote for her first. Huh? That sounds like it’s taken out of Nancy Pelosi’s “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in the bill” line. You have to register to vote and vote for me in order for me to tell you who I am? Hmm…seems to lack a certain punch, don’t you think?

I really honestly believe that it has hit Hillary in the past week that she could and maybe will lose this election. She has very little confidence in her voice except when she’s attacking Donald Trump. She doesn’t talk about her policies and what she wants to do for the country. She doesn’t talk about why she wants to be president. She only talks about her being the only option to Trump. That strategy doesn’t usually work very well…but hey…we’re in a year when a lot of things that usually work very well don’t work very well. But her sinking poll numbers would seem to indicate otherwise.

Want to hear even more troubling news for the Democrats? Donald Trump is doing better with Hispanics than Mitt Romney did in 2012. Yeah, I was surprised to hear that too! Obama beat Romney with Hispanics 71-24%, a 47 point advantage. Clinton is beating Trump 65-30%, a 35 point advantage. Now, granted 12 points is not going to give Trump the election, but it does give the Democrats a LOT of cause to worry; especially after the comments about immigration, “the wall”, and making Mexico pay for the wall.

Overall, I think Hillary did get one thing right on Monday. She SHOULD be depressed over this campaign. She’s been terrible at it and there are no signs she’s going to be any better by election day!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


15 thoughts on “Hillary’s Temple U. Speech Very Telling!

    • nice to see that kids are smart and seeing right through her crap. I went to her Denver CO caucus and she was terrified I was out there even. I recorded the whole thing while she calls me names. she has no respect for women or their “issues”. health or otherwise.

      • Wait a minute. Hillary was terrified that you were in the audience and were recording her campaign stop??? Wow! She IS as paranoid as the press says she is! And yes, I agree with you about the “women’s issues”. Thanks for the comment! Stop back by anytime!

      • if you go to my blog- so now Hillary thinks im a powerful force against her you can watch as her assistant keeps staring my way as Hillary blocks her head with her assistants. before she came from the back curtain she and the FEDS kept staring at me. we do have a bolo alert across the country because we advocate against corruption in our government and our civil rights. you can also read that on my blog and view the video on you tube. why do we have a BOLO alert pt.1 and pt.2

      • we have no idea why she would be threatened by us. the feds lied to her and were on us as soon as we showed up there to her caucus. if you have not seen the videos or read the blog yet… I though you did though. so now Hillary thinks we are a powerful force against her.. yes you should not vote for an unhealthy paranoid schizophrenic to be your next eight year president.

  1. One hundred and thirty at Temple University (which I graduated from in the 80s) is an abysmal turnout. And keep in mind what a solidly Democratic city Philadelphia is.

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