Hillary Spending $50 Million/Month To Stay Even?

There is no denying that when it comes to raising money, the Clintons are champs. And when it comes to spending money on themselves, that appears to be the case as well. So, will somebody please explain to me why it is, if Hillary Clinton is SO great a choice, why she is outspending Donald Trump 52 to 1 and isn’t pulling away? I thought money was the lifeblood of politics?!

Hillary Clinton spent $50 million last month, and actually LOST ground to Trump. There is a reason. Hillary is running what everybody would say is a “traditional” presidential campaign. Raise a ton of cash, and spend it millions at a time on ad buys in key battleground states, while setting up offices on every street corner. Trump meanwhile has taken on a different stance. He has been relying on, and getting for the most part, free media coverage wherever and whenever he wants it. He has spent 52 times less than Hillary Clinton has, and yet has picked up ground on her in the past month. How is that possible?

Well, it’s possible simply by her being a lousy candidate. Her speeches are screeching ramblings with very little meaning and even less policy. Her health issues haven’t helped, and while I don’t wish bad health on anybody, she certainly has taken a hit in the polls because of it. And Donald Trump for the past month, with the lone exception of his birther comment about Obama, has played it very close to the vest and very presidential, while Hillary has not. Add to the fact that as I showed the other day, Hillary is playing to rooms that are 2/3 empty, and the crowds are standing three deep, while Trump is going to larger venues and filling them, and you have to wonder. Now, I will say, Bernie Sanders out drew Hillary in the primary, and where did it get him? So it’s not about crowd size…it’s about voter turnout. But Trump has been surging in the polls while Hillary has been off the campaign trail more than she’s been on in the past few weeks.

It will, as I’ve said all along, come down to the debates, and the first one will probably be the most important. It’s being said it will smash the record for the most watched debate in history. And the person that will be able to connect with the “disconnected voter” the most is the one that’s going to get the biggest bounce from it. Hillary and her team are meeting to figure out how to get under Trump’s skin, and Trump is looking for a bottle of cough syrup to toss at her when she starts hacking. It will be an interesting evening, and it will change some peoples’ minds regardless. I don’t have a clue who will come out the winner, but I will say this. Both sides will claim victory immediately afterward unless one of them collapses on stage. It’s always that way. The media will be in an orgasmic frenzy to claim Hillary won, but again, it’s who the voters see as the person that connected with them the best. We won’t know that for a few days after the debate.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Hillary Spending $50 Million/Month To Stay Even?

  1. The amount of money she is spending is unreal! The outcome of her efforts seem an epic failure,however. What a waste of other people’s money. Ever wonder if she is cutting herself a check out of the monies raised and if so how much? Hmmmmmm.

    • Well, let’s start with like $50 million so she can stay even with Trump? Actually, you’re probably right, Lorra. It’s a HUGE waste of money because what can Hillary tell us about herself that we don’t already know? (well, other than the fact she’s got a neuological problem and probably Parkinson’s Disease!)

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