Hillary Wants To Know Why…

So Hillary Clinton was in Orlando, Florida the other day. She was addressing the Laborers’ International Union of America in Las Vegas via a web connection, and she ticked off the list of things that she has done in her career, which included raising the minimum wage, being pro-union, and pro-collective bargaining. She followed that up with a question: “Why aren’t I beating Donald Trump by 50 points?” Fair enough, Hillary. Let me help you on that one.

1. You are a convicted pathological liar. America doesn’t trust you, because they can’t believe what you say. This isn’t something you can change by November 8th either. It’s something you’ve culled since your time in Arkansas. It’s really a devastating character trait and is probably the number one reason why you’re not beating Trump by 50 points.
2. You are a terrible candidate. I know you won the Democrats’ primary…but you basically had to put Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in your back pocket to do it. When you really look at things, you were beaten badly by an old man from Vermont who nobody has ever taken seriously until this year. Oh, you won the primaries and caucuses, but it was all you could do to eke out a win. You’re really a terrible candidate on the stump. You make an awful lot of mistakes, and then you lie your way out of them. Not a smart move.
3. You spend way too much time trying to demonize Trump, and no time on what you really want to do for America. Oh, you’ve had a speech here or there on policy, but it really isn’t much. Your staff has told you the way to make yourself seem more presidential is to make Trump seem less presidential. That leads to a “lesser of two evils” scenario, and that’s never a good thing, nor is it usually the right thing to do.
4. You don’t know how to excite your base. This is also a huge problem for you. Because you need the black vote, and you need the Hispanic vote, and you need the Democrats to come out for you. Independents and Republicans look very much like they are breaking for Trump this election, and your base isn’t excited about you or your prospects. Oh, they think you are going to win, but they aren’t excited about the prospect, and they don’t want to participate. Millennials aren’t coming around to you, and neither really is the GOP (at least, they aren’t deserting Donald Trump like you hoped they would).
5. You have no coat-tails. A good presidential candidate has coat-tails and can bring down-ticket folks a win as well. You don’t seem to have that. The Democrats have already conceded that they won’t win the House of Representatives back this year, though back in January they were very hopeful of that happening. They’re still HOPING that they can at least get a tie in the Senate, but that’s looking worse and worse for them as well. Three of the four seats Democrats have targeted are already being written off as re-elections for the Republicans. That means you won’t be winning Congress back even if you do win. That’s another reason you’re not leading by 50 points.
6. You haven’t learned the lesson that this isn’t a conventional year. Normally, he (or she) that raises the most money wins. But this isn’t normally. This is Donald Trump spending fifty times less than you spend in Florida and staying even with you because he gets free press any time he wants. You pay for every second of it. Not a smart thing to do!

There you go, Hillary. Six simple reasons why you’re not up by 50 points. And while it’s a good question (and even better answers), I think you should go back to debate prep. Something tells me you’re going to need it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. All you need to do now, sir, is lift your mic chest high, hold it at arms length, drop it, and walk away…

    It’s a standing ovation! Yup, spot on!

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