Is This Debate REALLY Necessary?

OK, so I’ve laid in for a rather large bucket of unpopped popcorn. I bought a train car load of butter. I’ve got enough salt to restock the underground cave where Johnny Carson’s old “Tonight Show” tapes are stored. I have not one, but two bottles of Cabernet chilling in the wine fridge, and I’m ready for the debate tonight. Oh, yeah…I told my wife NOT to say anything while the candidates are talking (I hate that). There is only one question in my mind…

Does any of this really matter?

The answer to that is probably not. Oh, I know the pundits are saying how important this is. These are the same guys and gals that said Donald Trump was a joke of a candidate and wouldn’t be a threat to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Here’s the thing clear and simple. You and I are going to watch to see if Trump tears into Hillary, and if Hillary tears into Trump. You and I are going to watch to see if a) Hillary has another coughing fit (which would doom her candidacy), and b) does she fall off of the step stool she’s asked for so she’s the same height as Trump (she won’t).

Other than that, this is going to be a very mundane debate. Hillary will go off on policy rants and Trump won’t give you specifics on any of his plans. Hillary will accuse Trump of being unfit for service because of Trump University and the donation to the Florida Attorney General. Trump will accuse Hillary of being unfit for…well, he could fill the whole debate with that one, couldn’t he? In the end, neither will probably make a huge mistake that would cost them the election. In fact, these debates rarely do cost people elections. I can think of a total of three debates in the entire 59 years I’ve been alive that have.

The first was John F. Kennedy beating Richard Nixon in 1960 because Nixon sweated like a pig and Kennedy looked tanned and rested. The second was how Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter with “Well, there you go again!”, and Jimmy Carter relying on his daughter Amy to give him foreign policy advice. The third was 2000 when Al Gore smirked and huffed his way through their first debate. He never recovered from that.

That’s it. Other than an occasional gaffe on both sides, debates are pretty meaningless. And in this cycle, they really don’t mean anything. I mean, is there really more than six people in the country who haven’t really decided who they are for IF they’ve decided that they are indeed going to vote? I know a LOT of people from both sides who are going to sit this one out. It seems, more are from Hillary’s camp than Trump’s camp, but nobody is really uncommitted at this point. OK…may some unemployed factory worker in Moose Jaw, South Dakota. Other than that, everybody pretty well has their minds made up. The only thing that may slightly change anything in this debate is a slight momentum shift. Trump has it going his way right now, and IF (and that’s a huge if) Hillary can throw him off balance enough, she can stem that tide a little bit. If not, the momentum still continues Trump’s way.

Where did I put that big bowl for the popcorn???

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


27 thoughts on “Is This Debate REALLY Necessary?

  1. Well of course the debate is necessary! After all, don’t you want to be able to say you saw it happen? You know, when Hillary wigs out and starts doing the chicken on the floor or starts her Tourette’ s spasms? OK, that may have been a bit uncalled for, my bad. In my defense, it IS Monday and I haven’t had caffeine yet! 😉

    • Hold on. The debate is at Hofstra University (where the NY Jets practice, if you’re wondering). Here is what I can make of things. If, Hillary, short circuits, it is possible that being NYC, Nassau County (where the debate is), and Suffolk County, those are liberal strongholds, and short circuiting could, gain Hillary some sympathy votes. I believe that Trump has sufficient numbers all across America, to negate a bunch of additional voters opting for Hillary. Now, the key to everything, is whether the women in Bill’s life will really show up, and, be seated in the front row. Monica, really should, wear the brightest blue dress she can find or that the Trump campaign can supply. The woman who was raped, that Hillary defended the rapist, that woman I hope will appear. Why? Because if Hillary goes “ga-ga”, and exits the stage, perhaps Trump will invite the woman onto the stage to say a few words. That, would negate all feminist votes for Hillary. That, would be the Kiss of Death, to Hillary’s campaign. Let’s not forget, Julian Assange, is warming up in the bullpen, to be the closing pitcher to this game. Let’s hope the next email dump, will make the game a No-Hitter, and goes in the Book as a Win for Assange’s pitching.

  2. Well Desert, yes it is and the Agent Ornage just had his tiny fingers and other body parts handed to him. Great night!!!!!!!!

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