And The Winner Was…

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton squared off in the first of three scheduled debates. Did we really learn anything we didn’t know before hand? And did the candidates do what they “had to do” in order to solidify their chances? Let’s find out, shall we?

DONALD TRUMP: Trump had to show up, not make a fool of himself, and act “presidential”. Did he do that? No. I mean, yes…he showed up. But he was the Donald Trump that took on Jeb Bush in the primaries. He was loud and boisterous. He was interrupting. And as far as acting “presidential”, I’d say he failed there. Trump was served up many softballs he could have hit out of the park, and he whiffed on several occasions. Oh, he called Clinton out on her terrible performance as Secretary of State, but he never drove it home. He missed completely making her a part of the Obama administration, even though he tied her to Syria and the Iran deal. He could have (and should have done so much more). Instead, he sounded like the second grader that took 20 minutes of math time to explain to the teacher why he was late to school that day. If you haven’t been following the current events over the past three months, you probably heard a guy speaking in headlines. He COULD have hit a home run and put Clinton away last night. But, as most of the pundits I heard said, he survived. He hit a few singles, and that was good enough. I gave him a C.

HILLARY CLINTON: Clinton came into this needing to do two things. Start to earn back the trust that 72% of the American public says she doesn’t have, and to open up and be “human” and not robotic and a policy wonk. She failed on both accounts. Did she look presidential? Yes. Did she score points against Trump? Yes. She had a chance to put the whole email scandal thing behind her. Instead of coming clean with the 18 months of lies, she basically said, “I made a mistake. I regret it and I accept the responsibility of it. Would I do it differently? Of course.” Well, Hillary, that’s not what the American people are looking for. They want to hear you admit that you sent and received classified documents and that you know you broke the law in doing so. They want to hear you say you put the national security at risk by using a home-brew server. You didn’t do that. So you aren’t going to gain the trust you needed. As far as getting to know the “real Hillary” (these are things her campaign said she needed to do…not me), she again failed. I’ve seen Disney animatronics at Epcot Center that had more life in them than she had last night. She was a policy wonk who loved to delve into the weeds and details of policy, but she didn’t convince anyone that wasn’t already voting for her to do so. She got a B from me.

LESTER HOLT: This guy was supposed to be moderator-supreme. And while he did let the two candidates debate each other and go back and forth quite a bit, there were many times that it seemed he let the debate get away from him. Oh, it was entertaining. I don’t know as if we learned much, but it was entertaining. But there really weren’t any hard questions for Hillary either. He asked one question, with no follow up on email. Where were the questions on Benghazi? Where were the questions on Pay to Play? Where were the questions on Syria or Egypt? Where were the questions from Lester on Iran? And how come we didn’t hear anything on the Clinton Foundation? We heard about Donald’s taxes…where was the Clinton Foundation stuff? Sorry Lester. I had heard earlier in the day you were going to favor Clinton in this one, and you did. You were the big loser of the night. I give you a D.

Overall, if you went in a Clinton supporter, this morning you’re still a Clinton supporter. If you went in a Trump supporter, you’re still a Trump supporter. And if you were one of the six people that were undecided…you’re still probably undecided. If that weren’t enough…I didn’t pop enough popcorn!

Oh…just in case you were wondering…Time had Trump winning the debate in their poll 54-46%. Over at CNBC, they had Trump winning the debate 66-34%, while at Drudge, he had Trump winning the debate 82-17%. And what about film maker, Michael Moore? He came out on Twitter after the debate and said Trump won hands down. Somehow, I didn’t see it that way. Maybe I need to spend another 90 minutes looking at the DVR!

Michael Moore ✔ @MMFlint
Pro-Hillary gloaters doing end-zone dance again when still on 50-yd line. U MUST get it in your head TRUMP IS GONNA WIN and act accordingly!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


20 thoughts on “And The Winner Was…

  1. As soon as Hillary opens her mouth it is wide enough for Trump to drive a Semi thought it and he didn’t. Maybe he picks it up in his rallies, or the next debate. I think he was trying to keep from being vicious. He can bring up her past, the Foundation, pay for play etc., etc. etc. And there are many more etc.s; He can make his point about them all, in a slow, calm, meticulous voice and he won’t sound like a maniac; just someone bringing up the truth. He needs a Gingrich tone.

    • I have to agree with DesertMan when he say’s Hillary took this one…yes, I want to choke on that statement! But, the truth is that Trump let many opportunities slip through his hands and allowed Hillary to get under his skin by making him defend himself instead of redirecting the issues back on to her. BUT, she has been at this for 30 long-ass years! Trump, though dropped the ball on issues and reverted back to some of his ill-advised tactics, held his own pretty well for being a novice! Just my silly two-cents worth.

      Did you guys think she was heavily medicated? I sure did! I could tell when the glassy look left her eyes and her painted-on grin started to turn upside down! Are was that just me? Hmmmmm.

      • I have had a couple of people, here where I work, ask if I thought she was drugged up? They did! They may have had her on something, ironically to give her enough STAMINA to make it through the 90 minutes. I agree, Trump missed some golden opportunities. I think she is crazy for bringing things up that Trump can take advantage of. Like what are you hiding?? She is the queen of hiding/secrets and just plain lies. Hopefully his team, preps him better next time and he doesn’t let her off the hook. I think he let her off just like Comey!

      • Yes. He is walking a tight-rope and also has the first ‘privilege’ of debating a woman…His every move under scrutiny. It must have been hell because I could see him biting his tongue. He will most likely be much more prepared for the next debate and pray he pounces on every opportunity presented (while not trashing her dainty and sensitive womanness … OK, gag! If you want to play with the big boys…just saying) and not resort to nastiness like bashing females looks and such. That, after all, isn’t ‘presidential.’ Actually, I’m surprised no one pounced when he commented about a 400lb woman being on the phone. Did you catch that?

      • I couldn’t remember… but the comment still was negative against the obese so I’m surprised we haven’t heard any complaints, but happy we haven’t! 😀

      • Have you seen the video of what went on immediately after the debate, when Hillary left the podium? Her staff “Cleaner” went to the podium as soon She stepped away. Grabbed some papers (cheat sheets), and messed with something, other than the water bottles, which she oddly never drank from; he nod to Holt and Holt approached him (actually brushed him) and appeared something was handed off to Holt. The “Cleaner” was nervous the entire time……..and kept his eyes on Holt. Someone had video directly on Hillary the entire time and she appeared to be sending Holt signals….rubbing her nose (several times) while Trump was speaking; then Holt would try to go to Hillary as soon as he could; even interrupting Trump. Holt interrupted Trump as much as Trump interrupted Hillary. I read a post with a this video, some guy went over the debate a couple of time and really studied it……..going in reverse then forward etc. He said Holt ask 7 questions of Trump and only 3 questions for Hillary, none of any great significance. Occasionally other than, do you wish to respond to Mr. Trump? Like it was an option not a question. The videos I saw that were zoomed in to Hillary’s podium from the back ……..are suspicious, and make you wonder if there wasn’t cheating, by both Hillary and Holt. I certainly have lost a lot of respect for Holt based on what I have seen. I really think Hillary was doped up as well, her goofy as grins and chuckles…….. I am sort of surprised she made any sense of anything.

  2. Well Desert, your munchkins have entered the alternate universe that is Drumpf world.

    This third rate con artist basically came off as the uninformed buffoon that he is. While I admit that he might have controlled the first ten minutes on trade, Hillary could have kicked him hard in the balls by saying,”If you believe that a president is a leader and you believe you are that leader, why haven’t you bought back those manufacturing jobs on your products from overseas?” While he would have done his verbal bullshit without answering the question, it would be hanging out there for the press to eviscerate him on. Missed opportunity to drive a stake in heart early and never recover. Even his blonde bimbo campaign manager couldn’t get him out of this one.

    As for the polls you cited, CNBC was done via their website and Drudge, my chemistry experiments in high school were more scientific. Time, they are still in business?

    Let’s face it, last night was a disaster, Il Duce ate a big shit sandwich and all Melania got this morning was a Dirty Sanchez.

    • You know what’s funny? You have a way of skewering every poll you don’t agree with. CBS, Time, and at least a half dozen others gave it to Trump. They come out with a poll you don’t like and you trash the source? That’s all you got? BTW, I agreed with you that Hillary won, but she needs to improve about 100 times if she wants to make a difference in the REAL poll…she’s losing that one big time!

  3. Desert, the trouble with the polls you cited is that there is no control, i.e., you can vote more than once, consequently they reflect nothing other than one can vote repeatedly. Check out Frank Luntz’ poll on Fox of his focus group, CNN, etc. where there was control.

    I see that that the Orange Muskrat has decided to practice for the next debate, unfortunately his plan to attack Hillary on Bill’s shortcomings, no defending his absurd tax plan, saying specifically what his jobs plan is, what is his foreign policy, things like that. I truly believe he is totally ignorant on all of the above and is not curious about learning. He believes he can lie and insult his way into the White House.

    How many mechanics liens have been filed against that hotel in Washington and how many are being perfected on?

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