A Day Off From Work

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is an extremely truncated blog today. My wife developed a Deep Vein Thrombosis over this past weekend, and got a blood clot in her lung as a result…so I am writing this from a hospital room, where I’ve been since Tuesday. Oh, I’ll be back, and she’s on the mend (hopefully we go home today!). But until then, I’m going to take a day off work. More when I get back to the Desert Man Cave, I promise!


10 thoughts on “A Day Off From Work

  1. My prayers will be with you…my wife had same issue earlier this year…all worked out…just 6 months of xarelto and good as new…good luck

  2. Well Desert, this is truly bad news and both Diane and I wish for Mrs. Desert heals and gets well quick as she is obviously the smarter one (just kidding). DVT was a concern from my recent surgery and it can be fatal if not caught quickly, fortunately Mrs. Desert’s was quickly diagnosed.

    As you are aware your blog is secondary or less to Mrs. Desert’s health, so take off as long as you need. It gives me time to save up my witticisms.

    • Thanks for the kind words…things are looking up and she’s off bedrest now…hopefully home today! But you’re right…you need to work on the comebacks. They. ARE getting weak! See ya soon!

  3. Hope things are Ok, glad you both seemed to catch this early. The blog can wait, mine is on hold as we are still trying to organize a lifetime of memories on the farm. You are both in my prayers.

  4. Best Wishes for a Full & Speedy Recovery.
    Don’t worry about the blog, because the dog and pony show will continue in politics. The political clowns will always try to outdo each other, and when you return, you will pick up, without missing a beat.

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