How Does Trump Win?

No, this isn’t an electoral math blog. This is a campaign enhancement blog because it appears that neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton have it in them to figure out how to win this election. And since we have both conservatives and liberals, as well as more than a few moderates that read this on a regular basis, we’re going to try and show what sanity says is the way for both to win. We’ll start with Trump.

Donald Trump has one major problem in his push to the White House and it’s…Donald Trump. He needs to get out of the way of himself in order to win. That’s not an easy task when you’ve spent the last 35 years telling the world how great you are and how you’ve employed tens of thousands of people, and created all of those jobs, and you have the greatest company in the world. But that is exactly what he needs to do. Let’s get into the weeds.

When Trump stays on the tele-prompter, when he actually reads prepared speeches, and when he decides that he’s going to stop ad-libbing, he goes up in the polls. When he shoots off his mouth, ad-libs, and goes off message, he dies. He was brilliant, presidential, and on message for the first 30 minutes of his debate this week. Then he bit into a big ol’ Hillary bait and went off the rails. He never should have done that. Stick to the message. Keep it about her and her failures in her career. They are numerous, and easy to list. Stick to the email scandal and how she is above the law. Stick to the lies and the scandals. Stick to the fact that nobody, not even anybody in her own party can trust her. Then you can slowly add in the fact that all she does is hammer away at him for not being prepared, while all she is trying to be is a third-term Obama. Other than being the first female president, she can’t tell you why she wants to be president. She’s not trying to “Make America Great Again”, because she feels we’re all just doing fine. She has, to quote Barack Obama about Mitt Romney, lost touch with America. He needs to hammer the Clinton Foundation, and Pay-To-Play. Hey, if Harry Reid can stand on the floor of the US Senate and spew lies about Trump all day, Trump can surely throw out allegations about the Clintons!

What I wouldn’t do? I wouldn’t bring up Bill Clinton or his past. The only time that even begins to fit the narrative is when Hillary starts talking about taking the word of the rape victim over the word of the rapist. Then you hit her with the fact that she went after the rape victim in each of her husbands’ dalliances.

THAT, Mr. Trump is how you reach the White House. The rest of the story doesn’t matter. America, believe it or not, does not care how many jobs you’ve created, or how rich you are. Oh…and release your tax returns. You should have done that back in February anyway. If there’s something in there that’s going to bite you in the ass, you should get it out early while you’ve got time for the teeth marks to heal. Didn’t you learn anything from the Clinton presidency?

As an aside, we are home from the hospital, Mrs. Desert Man is resting and doing comfortably. She even wanted to go down to the pool today. She got released with no restrictions and will be heading back to work on Monday! God IS great!!! Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns. We were both truly touched by it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


One thought on “How Does Trump Win?

  1. Spot on sir! It’s like he just can’t help himself. It is for that reason that he is being called out about his ability to be presidential and actually not freak out when things don’t go his way. Folks fear he will start a war with his bad temperament. Get it together Trump, PLEASE! I know he thinks he is cute and crafty but that isn’t how it comes off.

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