How Does Hillary Win?

Yesterday we talked about how Donald Trump wins the presidency. Today, it’s a much tougher subject. It’s Hillary’s turn. Oh, I don’t mean to say that she has a tougher road to the White House, I don’t believe that for a minute, and actually, it could be a little easier. But she’s got a ton more baggage than Trump has. So, let’s figure this one out.

What Hillary needs to do that would turn this race around in a heartbeat is something Hillary Clinton will NEVER do. She needs to hold a press conference. She needs to come clean on the email server, and the lies, and the pay to play, and the Clinton Foundation. She needs to explain where the $6 billion that the State Department “lost” during her tenure went. She needs to come clean and be honest. I truly don’t think she’s got it in her to do that, but that would go a long way to healing the rift between her and the American people. If not, she may win the election, and become the most hated president in US history! And then all it takes is another Watergate-like scandal to send it over the edge (and you know with the Clintons a Watergate type of scandal is just around the corner). And she becomes the first woman president impeached.

Hillary needs to come clean about what is REALLY going on about her health. America doesn’t believe her when she says it’s fine. They know better. We’ve blogged here what very skilled and respected doctors have posited as what could be the problem…without even examining her. Well, let some of these guys and gals examine you, Hillary. If what you are saying IS the truth, prove it. America doesn’t believe you, and this is going to be one small way to gain back some trust.

Hillary then needs to put all of the comparisons about how she’s running against the Anti-Christ and start running a political campaign. She can’t demonize Donald Trump enough to get over him. When he stays on message, and she goes on these rants on him, she drops precipitously in the polls. It happened just before the debate. It’s got to stop if she wants to win. Get a positive message. You’re already a very negative person in the eyes of America. You want to win? Show us WHY you want to win. And by the way, it has nothing to do with being the first female president. There are 472 people in the entire country that actually care about that. Show us how you’re going to fix the economy that Barack Obama couldn’t fix. Show us how you’re going to be stronger as Commander-In-Chief than you were as Secretary of State. Show us how you’re going to close the borders once and for all and fix immigration. Show us, Hillary. We’re waiting to hear from you. You have the opportunity to take this if you follow that path. But if you stonewall, if you continue to lie, if you try to deny scandal and remain untrustworthy, you’re just opening the door for Donald Trump. Is that really what you want?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!