The Obamacare Shuffle

Obamacare took another hit this past week as the Government Accounting Office, better known as the GAO came out with a scathing report on Health and Human Services. See, HHS is trying to repay the insurance companies that lost billions of dollars because of Obamacare. They had originally agreed to be part of the Obamacare fraud a few years ago when this abortion was being put together. And they were smart enough to realize that it was going to take a long time for anyone to make a profit at it. So the government stepped in and said that they’d be reimbursed for their losses for the first three years or so.

Well, now Sylvia Burwell, head of HHS is trying to do that, but the GAO has thrown the bullshit flag. See, a strict reading of the law says that the money needs to be paid to the treasury, who then issues the payment. HHS wants to pay the money directly. And we’re talking billions. They have this secret little fund set up (kind of like the same fund Obama used to ransom the hostages in Iran) and want to pull money from it without anybody knowing. For if the public ever found out that we were going to be spending hundreds of billions of dollars on top of what Obamacare has already cost us, there would be rioting in the streets of Washington!

So the whole thing is boiling down to the Obama administration trying to get this taken care of before January 20th. If they don’t, and Donald Trump wins, the whole enchilada falls apart. Trump won’t pay the insurance companies, and in fact, Trump will probably tell HHS to cease and desist its efforts to enforce Obamacare until congress comes up with something else.

And that brings up the other little monkey wrench that is thrown into this mess. Congress passed (and Obama signed) a bill stating that the US Government would NOT be reimbursing the insurance companies for their losses in Obamacare (remember? It was Marco Rubio who got it thru the Senate!) and many Republicans on the Hill are screaming that any such payment is illegal and will be punished (we haven’t heard THAT before, have we?). Interesting how it will play out, if it plays out at all.

Normally, the GOP Senators and Representatives would run it up to the Supreme Court to slap Obama down, but with only eight justices sitting there, it’s more than likely going to come back 4-4 tie, which means nothing happens. So that’s a moot point so to speak.

No, Obamacare is doomed. And we had better get used to either paying a lot more money that we don’t have to keep a wounded duck from dying on the pond, or just letting this monstrosity die. And with the House and Senate looking more and more like they are going to remain in GOP hands, IF Hillary does manage to win the White House, she’s not going to be able to fix anything short of pulling the plug.

Welcome to DC in the 21st Century!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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