What Trump SHOULD Have Said…

Let’s face it. Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20. But still, an experienced politician knows when to throw a zinger in during a debate. And an savvy politician does understand how to come up with spur of the moment reasons for doing what they have done. And Donald Trump is neither experienced, nor savvy when it comes to politics. That much he showed us in blazing colors this week. But let’s take a look at what he SHOULD have said, what he COULD have said to have placed himself far and above Hillary.

THE MISS UNIVERSE THING: Hillary used this as bait to try and get under Trump’s skin. An artful politician would come up with a Reaganesque line like, “Well, there you go again” that he used in 1980 in a debate against Jimmy Carter. Trump could have turned the whole thing back onto Hillary by saying, “See, this is why America distrusts you so. You can’t even get what I said 20 years ago right. Here’s what I really said, in the context that I said it in”. Instead, he interrupted her, and let it get to him. After he said his line, he should have forgotten it. It would have been fish-wrap in 20 minutes. Instead, he goes on an all-night Tweet-a-thon about it, and screams to anyone that would listen what he really said. Not good, Donald…not good.

THE 1995 IRS RETURN: Hillary brought up the “what if” in the debate, that it may be the reason Trump doesn’t want people to see his taxes…because he hasn’t paid taxes in all those years. Trump replied, “It makes me smart”, again interrupting her. Then the New York Times releases his 1995 IRS return which shows he took a $916 million loss. Trump goes ballistic. What he SHOULD have done when Hillary brought it up was say something like, “This is the difference between me and Hillary. Even the IRS says you should pay the least amount of tax that you legally owe, and I did. Hillary is a tax and spend liberal, who says she’s going to protect the middle class, just like Obama said he was going to. And he raised taxes on them, just like she is going to.” What he SHOULD have said when the NY Times piece came out was, “ I did what was legal then, and what was legal today. In fact, the NY Times didn’t pay any taxes in 2014. But I don’t disparage them for doing it because again, it’s a legal maneuver. That’s why I need to fix the tax system, so things like that don’t happen again.”

MAKING FUN OF HILLARY STUMBLING ON 9/11: Rather than waste time making fun of someone’s illness, which is viewed as low-class, Trump had a LOT he could have done. He could have made fun of Hillary citing that Bernie Sanders’ supporters all live in their parents’ basements. He could have brought up the fact the Government Accounting Office slammed the Obama administration for making payments to insurance companies that were illegal (the payments were made directly from HHS, and the law clearly states the payments need to be run through the Treasury Department). He could have attack her on her email scandal. He could have done anything but what he did because it showed he was low-class. Not a smart move.

I’ve had a lot of people wonder why I wrote what I wrote yesterday. Here are several reasons why. We need an outsider in Washington, yes. I agree. But we don’t need a buffoon. We’ve already had one of those for the past eight years, and see where that’s gotten us?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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