“Fact Checking” Isn’t Working

Think back 20 or 30 years ago and you never heard the phrase “fact checking”. Oh, it wasn’t because the candidates back then were all that great at telling the truth…candidates have for the most part always played fast and loose with facts and massaged them to suit their point of view. But it’s only been recently, say in the last two or three elections that media types have actually gone out and “checked the facts” on a candidate. This year, Hillary’s people want it done on Trump more than I remember any candidate doing it in the past. Of course, Hillary doesn’t want to waste time doing it herself (and besides, she’s not very trusted to tell the truth).

So, leave it to Rasmussen to come up with a poll that asked whether or not the American public thought the fact checking made a difference. The results? Apparently Americans don’t trust the fact checkers as much as they trust the candidates. While Clinton and Trump are in the low 30% as far as trust factor is concerned, the media-based fact checkers are in the 20% range! Most Americans (up to 88% depending on the party) feel that the media’s fact checks are biased to the candidate they are supporting. Imagine that! So, we are in need of fact checkers for the fact checkers? Apparently, that’s the way it is in the 21st century.

The problem is that our candidates have been going downhill rather rapidly in the trust department in the past several presidential cycles. And it’s not just presidential candidates either. Our federal and state candidates for congress are about as bad (if not worse). So we are left with a bunch of liars and cheats checking up on a bunch of liars and cheats. Yeah, sorry, but that’s not something the Desert Man really puts a lot of stock in.

The one thing you cannot argue about with this blog is the fact that it is the truth. I don’t spin things, I don’t stretch things. I quote sources and cite instances. Now, you personally may not like the source I cite, and frankly, that’s your problem, not mine. What I bring to the table is the truth, pure and simple. And a lot of my liberal readers out there will cringe at that, but if they look deep into their blackened hearts, they know what I say is true. None of them have ever been able to argue the opposite view I’ve taken without delving into that “George W. Bush is the Anti-Christ” argument. And that never flies with me. If I can get away with not calling Barack Obama the Anti-Christ, liberals can most certainly do the same with George W. Bush!

The thing is YOU and I should be doing the fact checking. We shouldn’t have to rely on biased and often crooked media sources to do it for us. That’s laziness and that leads to total loss of any situation that will be positive. To quote Bud Fox from “Wall Street”, “Will you do your own homework, Marv? I’m sick and tired of playing wet nurse to you all the time!” It’s time WE do the fact checking, not just on the candidates, but on the media as well. Let’s put ALL of them in their places!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!