Success (?) Under Obama

So you think of yourself as “free”? You think you have “freedom”? You think you’re economically ok? How about safety? Are you safe? Not according to Legatum Prosperity Index’s findings for 2015. That group comes out every year with a ranking as to which of the 143 countries surveyed are the most free, the safest, has the best economies, etc. And the US has pretty much sucked rotten eggs under Obama.

In personal freedom, Canada ranks number one, followed by Norway, New Zealand, and Luxembourg. Iceland rounds out the top five. The US? Under Obama’s watch we’ve shrunk to 15th.

As far as the best economy, it goes to Singapore. Switzerland, China, Norway, and Germany round out the top five with the US ranked 11th. So is Donald Trump right that America has fallen and needs help? Well, entrepreneurship and opportunity in the world goes to Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and the United Kingdom. The US? You’ll find us at 11th!

The countries with the best “governance” goes to Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Finland. The US, which was number one before Obama took over, is again, 11th.
The US ranked 9th in education, 1st in healthcare (based on per capita spending…thanks Obamacare!), 11th in “social capital”, and 33rd in safety.

Overall, we were 11th. Which says that the United States has fallen from 4th to 11th under Obama. Which also says that pretty well sums up this president’s term in office. He’s a loser, just as I have described for the past three years.

The point here is, though he’s really unstable, what Donald Trump is saying is 100% true. America has fallen. It’s needs to rise from the ashes and rebuild itself. And the one thing Americans have done over the past 240 years is to persevere and do it themselves. We do not rely on government handouts to make it. We do not rely on “Robin Hood tactics” of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. We roll up our shirtsleeves, we get dirty, we get in there and we do it ourselves. We don’t need a stinkin’ government to do it for us. Because when we start relying on a government handout, we become weak. We become lethargic, and we become dependent. America is NOT dependent. And that is why Obama’s way of thinking (and Clinton’s) is dead wrong.

Look, I don’t know who I’m going to vote for at this point because frankly I can’t stand either candidate. But I DO know that what the Democrat in this race is spewing is wrong. It’s un-American and it’s just plain lazy. Taking the free meal ticket is the easy way out. Taking the welfare check so you can lay on the couch watching Oprah Winfrey tell you that you’re ok just because you’re not working and it’s not your fault is damn wrong. THAT is the reason NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton. There are about four poor people out there that can’t do it for themselves and need help, and you know what? I know about 10,000 churches that would LOVE to help those people out. We don’t need a government to play wet-nurse to us.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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