Another Clinton Scandal Brewing…

I don’t know what it is about the Clintons. They just can’t seem to get away from creating scandals. Oh, there’s nothing to see here, we’re told. But c’mon. We’re not ALL idiots. At some point when Chicken Little is crying that the sky is falling, we stop believing him, right? Well, it’s happened again.

This time it should be serious (like the others?), but it probably won’t amount to anything (like the others!) The problem is that Hillary’s campaign has collaborated with David Brock’s “Correct The Record” Super PAC, which is a violation of federal law (nothing new for Hillary!) The details have surfaced as The Campaign Legal Center has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission basically stating that Brock’s Super PAC made almost $6 million in contributions to the Clinton campaign in a coordinated effort to coordinate the Clinton campaign’s expenditures. That’s a direct violation of the Federal Elections Campaign Act (FECA) 52 U.S.C. § 30101.

Now, while this is news, and is probably the first time you’ve heard about it, David Brock has openly said repeatedly that his PAC has coordinated with the Clinton campaign on these issues. Brock says that items posted on the internet are exempt from the FECA and that is his way around it.

Now, all of this brings up a bigger question. I think we can all be big boys and girls and agree that there is probably way too much money in federal politics, and that money can buy not only happiness but offices, especially a nice oval one. And I think we also can agree that the reason (maybe the only reason) Donald Trump is hanging around as close as he is in the polls is that Americans are fed up with that crap and want to see it changed. So, always a “part of the solution” guy, I’ve come up with a solution.

Each candidate starting in 2020 is given $10 million in advertising. Or $100 million, it doesn’t matter. They can use it for yard signs, TV ads, whatever. That’s it. When it’s gone, it’s gone. They can buy local markets, national ad buys, whatever they want. But when that money is gone, that money is gone. At that point their advertising stops. I think we all can also agree that by Election Day we get very sick and tired of listening to these ads. We used to blow up political ads the day after the election on my radio show back home. It was fun, and the crowd loved it. You as a federal candidate are also given a total of some amount (again, make it $10 million or $100 million it doesn’t matter), and you can use that to pay staff, travel around the country, etc. You have to be able to provide receipts for everything, and prove that nobody donated anything of value to your campaign. If you received a donation, you lose 1 million votes for every donation in the state of your opponent’s choice. You’ve got to have a law that has teeth in it. That ends the influence that we’re seeing in presidential politics once and for all. And not only that, get rid of the PAC’s altogether, on both sides. Get rid of lobbyists. They’re a waste of taxpayer money, and the information they provide can be obtained in many less obtrusive ways.

That’s the way to fix the too much money in politics problem. Any other problems you want solved?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed.