Can We Get Real For A Minute?

First and foremost, here’s a disclaimer. What was said by Donald Trump about women while he was on his way to a set for some soap opera appearance 11 years ago is disgusting. It demeans women, and it’s terrible. I don’t endorse it, I don’t like it, and I don’t think it’s right. BUT…let’s look at this situation a little further, shall we?

Hillary Clinton comes out and says that he’s not fit to be president because of those comments. That may very well be true. But what about her? What about her telling a secret service agent, “Get the f*ck out of my way…I don’t ever want to hear you talking to me again, do you understand, asshole?” Yes, she said it. And it’s proven, and even confirmed by the secret service agent she said it to. So, let’s get one thing straight here, and understand this. If what Donald Trump said about his dalliances with women disqualifies him from the White House, how Hillary Clinton treated those protecting her (not just in DC, but also in Little Rock) disqualifies HER from serving in the White House. So, go ahead, make your choice…Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. They’re the only two left.

Look, people say crap when they’re alone and don’t know they’re being recorded. Tell me YOU haven’t said something demeaning about someone else. I know I have…and yes, I’d be embarrassed if it ever came out. But that shouldn’t disqualify Donald Trump OR Hillary Clinton. Their behavior toward others is less than honest and less than forthright in both cases. They are BOTH guilty about this and they BOTH should be held accountable. And no, it doesn’t excuse the fact that they BOTH have done things that were not of presidential temperament (how many presidents throw lamps at their spouse?). So, let’s get over this incident and move on to the issues.

It’s the one thing that actually pisses me off about this campaign. We aren’t talking about the issues. This is more like a 7th grade student council debate than a presidential campaign. The issues these two people represent are in stark contrast with each other. Why aren’t we talking about that? Instead, we waste weeks hearing about some stupid comment said about how some meaningless Miss Universe winner put on 50 pounds 20 years ago. Who the hell cares? Frankly, I don’t care how many lamps Hillary threw at Bill, and how many of her security detail she belittled and treated like dog shit, and I really don’t care how many times Donald Trump said he could get laid because he was a star. What I care about is who is going to fix this country! I care about the issues, not the personalities. I care about the character traits of honesty and trustworthiness, not about some stupid Hollywood insider trash talking that both candidates have done. Get on with this campaign and give me a reason to vote for you. Frankly, NEITHER of you have the temperament or the attitude, or the intelligence to be president. So, you are going to have to win me over on the issues…and that’s the one thing neither one of you are talking about!

Let’s just hope tonight’s debate brings out a semblance of what they really stand for!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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