Forget The Debate…THIS Is Important!

I don’t mind having a political debate with people. In fact, I relish it probably more than the average bear, especially if the person I’m debating has two things. First, it’s very nice if they have some semblance of intelligence, and second if they have a working knowledge of the topics we are debating. There are people here that read this blog that I enjoy debating because they are able to separate politics from personal attacks, and they do their homework. The people that really get my blood pressure into the danger zone (and they might be doing it on purpose…that’s the conspiracy theorist in me thinking that), are the people that are just plain numbed robots.

That’s how I spent my Sunday. I was arguing online with a couple of people that were just spouting party line and liberal talking points without understanding the underlying message or the political impact. They were all upset over this Donald Trump comment, and I told them that Hillary had said stuff just as bad, but they don’t seem to be at all upset over that. When another friend of mine actually quoted books that had the bad stuff in it (he bleeped the offensive words…so it looked like a Loretta Lynch redacted testimony), they called it “alleged”. I’m actually surprised they understood how to use that word!

Look, if you want to debate, do your homework. I don’t care who you vote for in this presidential election. I’m not trying to sway you one way or another, and I’ve written negative stuff about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and will continue to do so. But for cryin’ out loud people…if you’re going to have the balls to write something on the internet, at least do yourself a favor and don’t come off looking like you had a hard time getting out of the first grade. Learn the facts. Put together a cognitive argument and keep it germane to what we are dealing with. I’m not expecting to be debating a national debating champion here, but for crying out loud, let’s use some common sense.

This goes both ways. There are people out there that are Trump supporters that are just as bad as Clinton supporters. My comment applies equally…it just so happens I was making a point to the nasty stuff Hillary said about her security detail. Now, normal intelligence would say that people could pick up on that point. Not these idiots. All of a sudden I was a Trump lover (sorry to disappoint!), and was backing what he said. It took me probably four posts before it sunk in to their addle-minded brains that I was actually very much against what he said, and was probably just as disgusted by it as they were. But my point was, that Hillary had said exactly the same stuff. Bill Clinton has said the same stuff (hell, Bill Clinton has DONE the same stuff!).

New rule around here (and I really haven’t had to enforce anything like this ever before, and doubt I will in the future because my readers here are at least up on current events, and have at least a high school education and know how to read and write)…IF you want to debate me on what I write, that’s fine. Just make sure you have done your homework, or I’m going to have to tear into you for the fool you are for posting stuff without knowing what you are saying. I don’t care if you disagree with me, that’s fine. Make your point. Oh, and leave George W. Bush out of it. He’s been out of power for almost eight years. He’s not relevant in any discussion we’re having here!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!