It’s Apparent…America LOVES The Fiesty Donald Trump

Donald Trump does best when Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton. That flies in the face of every single thing we have ever learned about politics. The lesson that we have learned from day one is don’t attack a woman candidate if you’re a man because it’s going to come across as you are bullying her. Wow, did that one get thrown under the bus Sunday night.

Every poll I’ve seen, every commentator I’ve heard from said the same thing…Donald Trump’s performance was much better than the first debate and he won the second debate hands down. He held up ok when he was attacked (and rightfully so) over his lewd and demeaning comments about women that he made off the record 11 years ago. He was able to fend off the attack, because when the debate turned to other topics, he was on the attack, and he kept Clinton on the defensive all night long.

When was the last time you recall a presidential candidate in a debate calling their opponent a liar? I can’t recall anytime that happened. Yet Trump continually called Hillary out on it and she had nothing to respond to it. She sat there like a second grader that was caught cheating on a spelling test. Trump laid out the differences between the two candidates in such a way that Clinton couldn’t do much but smile and once again try and deny that she had lied (what else could she do?). As it was, Trump’s demeanor wasn’t mean, it was matter-of-fact. He prosecuted the case like a DA going for the kill. And to be honest, he needed to. Had he sat back, had he let Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz run over him like they tried to, he would have appeared weak. Once again, as was the case with Lester Holt, both Cooper and Raddatz tried to appear unbiased, but certainly failed in that attempt. But Trump was strong throughout and Clinton was weak, especially when Trump pulled the “Bill card”.

And let’s chat for a second about that. A lot of libs are asking what difference does the spouse of a presidential candidate make? Well, it makes a difference if the candidate was an enabler, as is the case with Hillary Clinton. It makes a difference when Trump is accused of talking lewd and demeaning toward women, but Bill Clinton actually DID those things Trump talked about, with Hillary’s blessing (she even went after the “bimbo eruptions” after the fact and attacked them). THAT makes is a political issue, and yes, unfortunately, it makes it in bounds. Trust me, I don’t defend Trump for his comments any more than I defended Clinton for his actions 30 years ago. And I don’t defend Hillary for what she has done her entire marriage. All three are terrible examples of humanity as far as that goes.

But the debate was one Trump needed to win, and he did, hands down. In fact, in one focus group I saw held by Frank Luntz, a very well respected pollster, Trump had a 9-8 with 5 undecided edge before the debate. Afterward, it was Trump 18, Clinton 4. That’s pretty telling!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “It’s Apparent…America LOVES The Fiesty Donald Trump

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  2. Well Desert, computer is still unavailable so I am typing from my phone and don’t care for it.

    I noticed that your gerbils have not been posting the past few days. Could they be abandoning the Orange Muskrat?

    As for the debate, we saw that Le Grande Orange approves of sexual assault, has not paid Federal income tax for about twenty years (does this put him in Romney’s taker category), willing to prosecute political opponents (banana republic stuff), never really answers a question, what does Mosul have to do with Aleppo? and states he knows more about the Middle East than the military. Essentially he is the lying sack of shit con man he has always been.

    Frank Luntz on Fucked News is hardly an indication of any polling as he is a word guy, I.e.,death panels, death tax, government schools, crap like that.

    We are watching the Republican party in the midst of a civil war trying to hold on to what they have and plotting more gridlock when Hillary becomes president so they can try to take back the White House in 2020 with another of their nimrod candidates. Right now the Republicans could not lead a pack of starving dogs to fresh meat.

    • I really expect you to do more than just regurgitate Dem talking points. First, I’ve had quite a large number traffic through the blog site in the past week (well above normal). But apparently, they agree with me, so why bother leaving a comment? Second, on Trump not paying taxes (and we don’t know that he didn’t), what’s wrong with that? The IRS says you shouldn’t pay any more in taxes than you are legally entitled to. Trump was legally entitled to take that write down, as has Hillary Clinton in 2015, and the New York Times in 2014. Unless you’re an idiot, why would you pay more in taxes than you are legally obligated to do? Only Hillary would do that (wait…she didn’t either!).
      You should do some homework on Frank Luntz before you chastise him. He’s highly respected in the polling world…of course, you wouldn’t know that.
      Finally, yes, I agree we are watching the GOP in a civil war. That says more about how idiotic those Republicans are than it does about Trump. Why in God’s name would you not back your own candidate is beyond me…the Dems would NEVER be caught dead doing it. But, if Hillary wins, hell, I could run for president in 2020 and beat her. So could you. So could Bonzo.

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