Why Isn’t Clinton Slaughtering Trump?

If I am to believe the “mainstream media”, Donald Trump has no friends. Senators and Representatives in DC are fleeing him worse than old women leaving the Titanic. Republicans everywhere are jumping ship. It seems that even Donald Trump’s own family is ready to vote for Hillary because he’s lacking the temperament to be president.
And yet…he’s not getting crushed in the polls.
So, my question is, why not? I mean, if these media outlets are actually being faithful reporters of the truth (which they should be), and not being spewers of biased talking points, why is Donald Trump even got a vote up there (other than his own). The answer is pretty simple. The media IS biased, has been biased for a long time, and they are skewing things away from Trump.
Look at the moderators from this last debate. Anderson Cooper is a well-known liberal, and Martha Raddatz, though a self-purported “expert” on Middle East policy, is about as left-wing as Che Guevera. Do you honestly think the questions given out at the debate were split down the middle and fair? Every media analyst that I’ve listened to over the past couple of days doesn’t think so. They felt Trump was given harder questions (he should have been given tough questions regarding that tape!), and Hillary was pretty much given a pass on her emails.
Let’s look at the way the news is presented. Trump has a terrible day or week, and the media likes to ride it as long as they can. Now, I’m not saying he doesn’t help. I’ve said many times, he’s a terrible candidate…the second worst in American history actually. But he is aided in his fall by the nightly news crews and the print media in this country. Hillary has a stumble with her health and yes, it’s covered, but not as extensively. Hillary screws up quite a bit as well, but you don’t hear about it at all on some networks (the big 3 are really into biased reporting!).
So, Trump gets the biased media against him, and yet, depending on the poll, he’s anywhere from 2-6 points down (outside of an outlier poll than shows him down 11). Why isn’t he down 30 points? I guess there can be only one reason for it.
America is tired of politics as usual, and is willing to pull a Jessie Ventura and elect somebody to the highest office in the land that isn’t a politician, isn’t as polished as someone who’s done it for 30 years, and isn’t lying to them with every breath they take. In a nut shell, that’s about it. Now, the key question is, will it matter come November 8th?
I’m not saying who’s going to win this thing, and haven’t because quite frankly, this is like an NBA game. Whoever has the ball last usually wins, and in this thing whoever screws up last will likely lose. It could go either way. I will say this, and it’s been proven in the polls. The people voting for Trump are MUCH more excited about voting for Trump than the people for Clinton are excited about voting for Clinton. THAT can be a major factor. Let’s face it. If you didn’t get sleep the night before…if the weather’s bad… if you had to go to the bank, or little Johnny is sick, and you’re not excited about the race, you probably will sit this one out. That’s what happened to Mitt Romney four years ago. Had he gotten his people to the polls, the ones that had been telling pollsters all week long that they were voting for Romney, he would have won. But they weren’t excited about voting for him because he wasn’t an exciting candidate. Same thing could happen here. I said COULD, not will!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!