Is WikiLeaks Just Getting Started?

We’ve all expected the ubiquitous “October Surprises” on both sides of this unethical, unprofessional, and immoral presidential campaign. Let’s face it right from the get go, and I’ve said this for months now; neither Hillary Clinton NOR Donald Trump is a role model any one of us would or should want for our kids. And that seems to be proven more true every single day as new revelations come flying out about what Clinton has done, or what Trump has done. The difference (and it really isn’t that big of a difference) is that while Trump’s stuff is from over 11 years ago, Hillary’s is a lot more recent, and involves a lot more of “fixing” the election.

We learned the other day that Donna Brazile, the former Clinton confidant that took over from Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz after the DNC apparently colluded to give Clinton the Democrat nomination over Bernie Sanders, was ear-deep in the controversy herself. She apparently was emailing primary debate questions to Clinton before the debate so the Clinton team could come up with more appropriate answers. Well, does that surprise anybody knowing her past?

We’ve learned that the New York Times gave Hillary unprecedented control over stories about her, even going so far as giving her editing approval for her own quotes that would be used. Meanwhile, the Washington Post colluded with John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chairman over stories that would be damning to Donald Trump. We’ve learned that Hillary Clinton’s team colluded with Loretta Lynch’s team at the Department of Justice over what was going to be the outcome of the FBI investigation into her email server scandal. It was leaked to us that despite the fact that the FBI had enough evidence to indict her on several charges, DOJ officials were working with the Clinton campaign the entire time to make sure nothing came of it.

We’ve learned of Hillary’s supposed “close-door Wall Street donor speeches” that Bernie Sanders was screaming about during the primaries. You know, where Hillary said she would be saying one thing to the American public, but holding an entirely different view personally?

We learned that one of Joe Biden’s top staff, Ron Klain secretly pushed Biden not to run for the White House, all the while really working as a “double agent” for the Clinton campaign. And we have learned that Hillary Clinton is all for a one-world-government that is run by corporations, and has no borders, and no immigration laws.

Oh, we also learned that Donald Trump said he could kiss women on the street just because of who he was and grab their p*ssy. THAT was the comment that took up a half an hour of the last debate.

So you tell me…which one is worse?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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