Was Clinton In On Primary Debate Questions?

You know, in this presidential season, it wouldn’t surprise me if Donna Brazile, the one-time Clintonista turned DNC party chair had leaked the questions for one of the primary debates to the Clinton campaign. I’m sorry, but in this weirdness about which candidate is actually worse (rather than better) for America, it seems that every day, we sink to new lows. First is the Trump audio tape of him saying he likes to grope women and they don’t do anything about it. Next comes finding out that Hillary has learned about the questions to a debate long before the questions were asked. Now we find Trump may have actually groped some woman, not just talked about it. Now we learn that Hillary colluded with the Justice Department in not indicting her.

I’m about ready to suggest we blow up the whole government and start again. And this time we allow neither Republicans nor Democrats to play. Anyone that ever had anything to do with politics has to sit on the sideline and watch, powerless. Yes, it’s getting that bad.

We’re three and a half weeks away from an election the whole country wishes would come and go quickly. Most people I know out here in the desert will be voting for Trump, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it. Most people out here are saying it’s not a vote FOR Trump, it’s a vote AGAINST Hillary. And after all the crap I’ve been seeing and reading about over the past two days, I can’t say for a second that I blame them. I mean, are we really ready to go backwards 30 years? Or we really ready for some egotistical clown that cares more about telling us what he did for his companies than what he wants to do for us?

Can you tell I’m just a little bit disenchanted with these two bimbos? Trump is right about one thing. Hillary Clinton SHOULD be in jail. The stuff this woman has done IS criminal. She’s escaped by being above the law. Donald Trump says he going to make America great again…but I begin to wonder just how he’s going to do it. Do you really think he’s going to work with Paul Ryan? Do you think he can work with the likes of Mitch McConnell? Somehow I doubt that!

No, in the presidential cycle…pretty much like the last two actually…America is the real loser. We haven’t had a good candidate running for office in quite a while…some would argue that you’d actually have to go back to George HW Bush and Bill Clinton to find a good candidate. I didn’t think W. was all that bad until the last six months of his presidency. But you have to agree Obama/McCain wasn’t much of a choice, and though Romney was a better candidate than McCain, he sucked as well. I had hope for Trump. Even a political bystander like myself wouldn’t have made half the gaffes Trump has made on the trail! I also by the way would never flaunt the rules of government and put a home-brew server in my house to avoid people finding out what I was doing like Clinton. That’s just plain stupid and shows poor decision making skills…certainly not something you want out of a president!

No, we’re in trouble America. Either way you look at it, we’re screwed. Choose the lesser of two evils and vote for them…but DO get out and exercise your right to vote…while you still have it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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