New WikiLeaks Shows More Clinton Problems!

Just when it seems Donald Trump is on the mat, pinned with both shoulders and ready to be counted out, Julian Assange comes to the rescue with really damning evidence that Hillary and Bill Clinton have not only lied, but have committed ethics breaches that appear to show a “pay to play” situation while Hillary was Secretary of State. Of course, I’m referring to the Clinton Foundation, or the 2016 version of ACORN for the Democrats.


What the latest batch of emails has shown is basically that the Qatari Ambassador reached Hillary and asked to see Bill “for five minutes” so he could present a check for $1,000,000 to him on behalf of Qatar. Hmm… most people with any sense of ethics in their brain would have said to call Bill’s people directly to set that up, but not Hillary. She is above the law! She can do anything! So, she arranged the meeting.


To be 100% fair here, there is no indication that the donation was ever made, and of course, the Clinton Foundation says that they aren’t going to comment on it (which again, with their record of truth telling, leads one to believe that there IS something to the story). The Clinton campaign has been besieged over the past few weeks with this type of story. They’ve been accused to colluding with Donna Brazile, who was with the DNC at the time (now the chairwoman) as well as a contributor to CNN of getting primary debate questions ahead of time (that one has been proven through a WikiLeaks email). They have been accused of colluding with a Justice Department official that has kept them up to date on efforts to make sure Hillary wasn’t indicted for her email server scandal (again, proven through emails released by WikiLeaks), and they have been accused of colluding with Barack Obama all the while he denied ever knowing that Hillary was using a home-brew server that wasn’t very secured (and that one has also been proven true through WikiLeaks emails). So, with WikiLeaks batting 1.000 in the truth department, and the Clinton campaign batting .000, one would be inclined to side with WikiLeaks on this stuff.


Now, the real question is, what does it matter. Well, of course, it matters to those that are looking for a fair government, right? I mean, we all remember that you and I could have stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House back in the ‘90’s for a mere $100,000 donation to the DNC (on different nights of course!). Who was behind that debacle? The Clintons.  So why the shock of all of the latest revelations. Bill and Hillary Clinton are nothing more than Arkansas Trailer Park Trash. That’s all they’ve ever been, and that’s all they’ll ever be. They’ll lie, cheat, steal, and kill their way to whatever they want because that’s what they’ve done their entire lives.


But it does matter to people who want government to be efficient and honest. And to those of you that think Hillary is either of those things, you need to get your head out of the sand and do some friggin’ homework!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


18 thoughts on “New WikiLeaks Shows More Clinton Problems!

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  2. Howdy DesertMan! Hope you are well and anxious for the debate tomorrow! It “should” be epic…I’m praying anyway!

    Yes, the Wikileaks just keep coming and boy has the crap it the fan! Mainstream media, if you can believe it, (CNN in particular) have been giving Trump and Melania actual airtime AND being “somewhat” sympathetic to how they have been brutalized while the Clinton’s skip past all their evil ways and not being covered by mainstream. After all, the Clinton’s chit simply cannot be ignored any longer and if the networks are smart they would at least COVER it in more than just one simple broadcast. I am waiting for the BIG SHOE to drop on them and pray it does this week. Then just watch mainstream all of the sudden jump on the Jail Hillary Bandwagon! OK…I can dream can’t I?! 😉

    • Wow…you can actually WATCH CNN? I’m impressed. I really had a hard time with their stuff…same with MSNBC, and CNBC. They’re so damn left-wing, I bet even Snarky has a hard time with them!

      • HAHAHAHA! How can I write about issues without having to stomach the crap they are spewing?? Yes, it takes a lot not to hurl watching and granted, I can only take a little at a time, but I have to do it otherwise I am no better than those who refuse to watch non-mainstream media. Keep your enemies CLOSE my friend!! 🙂

  3. Well Desert, you have posted another Seinfeld column, it’s about nothing. Like previous columns, which have not been verified, we have a knowledgeable adult talking foreign policy as opposed to Le Orange de Boor who believes that the Eastern Bloc is something from Legoland. We have a alleged prid quo pro that was debunked by both the FBI, where your fake friend works, and the State department and now some dribbling BS on who knows what.

    Wiki leaks, or more appropriate, Russkie Leaks, is so last decade. Remember their original mission about making governments transparent? This is nothing and Julian Assange is just another sexual assaultor, only not running for president, hiding out in an embassy that is one military coup from kicking his honky white butt out on the street for the Peelies to bust and send to Sweden.

    I am prepared for Le Orange Muskrat to never mention issues and just do his best X rated impression of Alec Baldwin.

    The Republican establishment are such weenies for not stopping this clown and are going to get seriously torched on November 8th or November 28th in an alternate reality.

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