Thought From The Debate Part 3

There were many thoughts running through my mind last night as I played solitaire and listened to the debate. Yes…it was that boring. But here they are.

Chris Wallace did a really nice job for a change. I’m not a Chris Wallace fan. I think he usually tries to emulate his father, the late-great Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes fame, but last night he came into his own. His questions were fair both ways; he didn’t let the candidates get away with not answering (most of the time…both skated a few times); and he was able to talk them down when they didn’t want to give up the floor, unlike the previous two debates. Nice job Chris!

Donald Trump was himself. He was boisterous, he was loud, he was cantankerous, and that’s what his backers love about him. He interrupted Clinton numerous times, and he FINALLY brought out the big guns and asked her several tough questions that she dodged, like asking her to give back the money to the foreign governments that she took in Pay To Play. It was his best debate yet, and I think it may help him. I’m not saying it will be enough, but it will help him.

Hillary looked poised, but sounded anything but. She pivoted at the wrong times, didn’t give straight answers and didn’t do a damn thing to sway people in the middle. As I’ve said all along, she played defense all night. She didn’t want to necessarily piss anybody off, but she didn’t go for any knockout punch either. And she skated WAY too often on her questions. No answers on the illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation (instead we got a sales pitch), and no answers on the negative WikiLeaks documents (instead, she pivoted to Russia interfering with the election). The Russian pivot is about as useful for her as the Russian Reset was. Not at all.

I have a really stupid question. In each of the two actual debates (leave the second one off because that was more a “town hall” format), the audience is admonished to be quiet and not cheer, or jeer, or laugh, or applaud. If you want a quiet hall, why the hell do you invite an audience in the first place. Do it in a TV studio with the two candidates and the moderator and be done with it. You don’t need the audience if they aren’t going to be able to play an audience.

OK…so who won? Most polls taken right after the debate said Trump scored better than Clinton. I would agree. You know and I know that the MSM spin will be toward Hillary. Whether or not that has an influence in the polling later this weekend is anybody’ guess. I’ve seen three polls that have gone in Trump’s favor in the past three days and obviously don’t include the debate. When Trump doesn’t step on his member, he picks up the points. When he does and he gets hung up on stupid stuff like the Miss Universe comment, or the sex-tape stuff, it hurts him. Stick to the script Donald. It’s there for a reason!

Oh. I can’t let you go without a comment. Trump’s worst moment came when he refused to accept the results of the election. Bad move. Sure the Democrats are going to try and defraud the country. It’s what they do. But in all of that, you don’t scream “rigged!” in the middle of the campaign. Any idiot with an ounce of political savvy knows that. Hillary proved herself to be weak, ineffectual, and tepid. Trump is anything but…but he HAS to learn to control himself. If he doesn’t in the next couple of weeks, Hillary (the fat lady?) will start singing…and rightfully so!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Thought From The Debate Part 3

  1. I felt pretty much as you did about the debate. In fact, I thought Hillary was angry and on the defensive most of the night. Trump handed her arse to her on many occasions and I was proud of his own pivoting this time. But, he just couldn’t help himself by saying what an awful person she is and the media is jumping all over that of course, though she IS awful! I too wish he would have said he would indeed accept the ballot results…bad move.

    It’s almost over!!!! I am both delighted and horrified. :-/

    • His best answer on ‘Will you accept the outcome of the election’ could have been “Of course I will, I will absolutely accept the outcome; I am that confident I will win.” Then leave it at that! Of course, he would have been ask……would if Hillary wins? Sure, I will! What difference does it matter; none hold up to their promises and statements anyway.

      • Had he said that it would have been perfect, but he simply can’t help himself! He is the new Rebel Politician. While some folks eat it up others are horrified. And yes, you are so right…all promises made are simply farting in the wind!! 💨 😊

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