Is The Revolution Coming?

I watch a lot of world events unfolding and it amazes me that none of what I see ever seems to occur in this country. What is so special about America that we don’t follow the likes of Venezuela, or Argentina, or some of the third world countries where coup d’états are a way of life. Here, we elect incompetents all the time, and we face disastrous consequences, yet we don’t revolt…yet.


I sense that is starting to change.


Take a look at both the left and the right wings of society. This year, Bernie Sanders, some seventy-something guy from Vermont who had never had anybody pay much attention to him in his career, almost became the Democrats’ nominee for president. Why? Because he was different. He called out the establishment. He said things have got to change. On the right (or what we now call the right), Donald Trump did exactly the same thing, and was indeed nominated. So, what happens IF someone like a Hillary Clinton gets elected, with all of her faults, all of her lies, all of her distortions? Might there be a coup d’état?


I’m starting to think the answer to that question may be yes. Look at who the military has consistently and overwhelmingly supported in the past few elections. It’s been the candidate that loves the military (remember Bill Clinton’s famous line, “I loathe the military”?) and that is usually the Republican. Look at the police officers getting shot at in the streets, and look at the side rushing to their aid. It’s the Republicans. Democrats are too busy saying that the criminals and the police need to “come together”. Border agents have for the last eight years faced an administration that won’t allow them to do their job, and when they can, they are either killed for it, or they are punished by the same government they work for. Now, put the military and the police and the border patrol agents up against politicians, and who do you think wins in a revolt?


I would put my money on the military and the police and the border patrol every time out.


My hunch is we are just about one or two horrific incidents away from that happening. Now, I’m not calling for violence, but I am saying I think it’s going to happen. You’re seeing the violence already occurring on the left. Soon, you’re going to see it on the right. If a Hillary Clinton type person gets elected and is as fraudulent and weak as Barack Obama has been, I have a sneaky suspicion that you’re going to see something major occur in this country. And the outcome isn’t going to be good for the left. Especially if the people they’ve been maligning for the past decade or two have anything to say about it.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


17 thoughts on “Is The Revolution Coming?

  1. It would call for a lot of bloody revenge against elected officials and their families. Personally, I highly doubt if Americans have the stomach for brutal action. Much has taken place this past week with DHS/Military training with local police departments around the nation, with scenarios of door-to-door disarming of civilians and subsequently, killing US citizens. When news broke online, the training, ended. Rather than revolution, it would be far better to disband DHS and get rid of quasi-independent agencies such as EPA and DOE, plus others.
    If government desires to mix it up with the People, they better not ever go home, because talk is, of burning down homes and killing families of government people. This is not who we, as Americans, are. Obama’s behavior in inciting, is reckless and dangerous. It could also spur an attack on America by outside influences.

    • God help us. It seems half of America is on the boiling edge while the other half slip away happily into their comas and can’t be bothered…or won’t be bothered…until it’s their arses in the sling. Then it is cry bloody murder. Anyone who crosses the Clinton’s seem to turn up dead and if that is the future of this country then I have to believe that a revolution couldn’t help but take place on some level. Will American’s really simply roll over and allow all their rights to be taken away, guns first and foremost, because they can’t stomach it? We have become a complacent and easily manipulated country and something serious has to change my friend…just sayin.

    • My initial feel is that dismantling DHS, EPS, and DOE etc. would be a LOT tougher than having a military coup. Once you get bureaucrats in place in Washington, it’s like mushrooms, they pop up all over the place. I would agree however, that Obama has caused this himself. Of course, he’s going to blame anybody but himself. But his lack of leadership skills, lack of interest in foreign policy, and lack of intelligence when it comes to the constitution are all pitfalls that have led us to this point. Hillary isn’t a stupid woman, but a very dangerous one!

  2. Well Desert, it looks like you, Rifleman and Lorra should cancel your subscriptions to Breitbart, WND, Stormfront and whatever Hannity is peddling at the moment.

    What all of youse guys (Chicago talk) should do is watch Seven Days In May (Burt Lancaster version) and The Manchurian Candidate (Frank Sinatra version) to fuel your paranoia. Does make for a great double feature.

    If you want some serious right wing lunacy check out The Federal Observer run by some Bozo from a suburb of Chicago. He has all sorts of crazy posts. My favorite is the guy who wrote a book on how the South really won the Civil War and it was not about slavery. I pointed out that all the articles of secession listed slavery so his premise was nonsense. Another is some biker type that poses as a blue collar but lives in a NW Chicago suburb where the median income is $500,000 per year. Another lives on a mudflat in western Washington. Just the kind of people your readers would identify with.

    On a personal note, my Cubbies are one game on the World Series, but I have been down this road before. Diane is learning the finer points of baseball and being a Cubs fan. Our first date was a playoff game vs. the Dbacks (Cubs lost because they didn’t understand small ball) and she thought I was crazy, now she thinks I just need counseling. I am not superstitious but every time I drink two beers during the NLCS they have won. No more or no less. The times I was a teetotaler, they lost.

    So go Cubbies!!!!!!!!! The beer is very cold and waiting for you.

    • Unfortunately Snark, I don’t subscribe or read, view, etc. any of those places. Sorry to disappoint. I even KNOW Sean Hannity, and don’t listen to him…can’t stand his voice (and he knows it). I HAVE seen both movies you describe…and no, they don’t fuel my paranoia any more than reading your replies! I also appreciate your suggestions for other websites to look at, but don’t need them. I have plenty of sources of my own and don’t need some “Bozo” (and I take offense at that since Larry Harmon…the ORIGINAL Bozo was a dear friend of mine!) with whacked out theories spouting off. I tend to go with more factual sites. As far as the Cubs are concerned, I wish them well, but they WILL be playing the Indians…and I AM from Ohio. Just sayin’

  3. What’s going to be most interesting is if Trump were to win. Do you think Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, etc. are just going to go peacefully into the good night? I’m guessing we would see a country relieved that this nightmare of an election is over, but the half of the country that wins won’t get to enjoy it because there will be fires, violence, and looting taking place in major cities coast to coast. Depending on how far all that goes will determine if cooler heads will prevail, because Obama will do nothing to stop the violence.

    Finally, I never agree with a single thing Snarky says, but I hope the Cubs win it all. They’ve waited forever and they deserve it. In fact, the years of torture from being a long-suffering Cubs fan may help to explain why Snarky succumbed to liberalism in the first place. Go Cubbies!!!

    • Actually, I don’t think anyone from Chicago can be anything but a liberal. I think it was a law passed during Daily’s reign back in the 60’s or something. I also don’t think anyone from Chicago is able to understand the rule of law. Why else would it be that the city has the toughest gun laws in the country, and yet is still the murder capital of America?

      • Being from STL area, its hard to cheer on the Cubs. The Cards/Cubs rivalry is however, unlike Yankee/Red Sox good natured for the most part. Many years ago, I went to a Cards-Cubs game late in the season, the Cards needed the game to win the pennant. I overheard two Cub fans sitting in front of me, one say to the other and they agreed; “the Cubbies can’t win this game it means more to the Cardinals”. Not that they expected the Cubbies to lay down, but they wanted to see the Cardinals in the World Series if they could not; and they were nowhere close. Cards won……but I haven’t ever forgotten that. That said, I’d like to see the Cubs in the Series; but I am pulling for The Indians! Hey the Cardinals can’t go to post season every year…………just most. We expect it! Yes we are spoiled in St. Louis.

      • Only if they get smart and actually elect someone with an (R) after their name. What am I saying??? That’ll NEVER happen! Too many dead people voting!

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