The Media’s Fight For Hillary

I spent 35 years as a member of the media. I did it from basically all sides…from the on-air side as a talk show host and disc jockey (back when we actually HAD discs to play), to being in sales, to being in management. In that time, I always played it straight down the middle. I never even thought of trying to sway voters’ minds…not that it would have mattered. I was living in one of the most liberal enclaves in this nation.


But looking at today’s media, I shudder and weep. They have lost their ethics. They have lost the credibility that made media worth more than a pile of snot in the first place. They’ve jump headlong into the biased-media tank, following the likes of Dan Rather, Harry Reasoner, and whomever that guy was on NBC that got fired a while back. Today’s media is all about “spin”. They could care less about the facts. If you are an “expert” called on to give your view of a story (which never made news in the past!), and you don’t follow their view of how a story should be presented, you are either grilled about it live on the air and made to squirm, or you are quickly thanked and they move on to something else.


When did media become such blowhards with no credibility?


Frankly, I blame the schools. I blame the K-12 schools, where the teachers get the marching orders from the NEA and the AFT. The teachers have successfully dumbed down America to the point where we are graduating kids from high school that can’t read, can’t write, and worst of all can’t think. That was the whole point of the dumbing down. Intelligent people sooner or later realize that the liberal way of thinking just doesn’t work, and they knew they couldn’t have intelligent people out on the street…they’d never get liberals elected! College professors, who have always for the most part been left of center, caught on quickly, and J-School became a breeding ground for leftist thinking. Gone were the classes in ethics and morals, and how to present a story. Instead, students were ingrained with leftist ideology, which was the only way the left had to make sure their philosophy would continue.


And so today we are left with a bunch of people on the air that don’t know how to prepare a story, but only how to spin it. They take any story out there and soak it for ratings and for leftist ideals. They ignore the truth and any semblance of “balance” in their reporting, because if they did that, the story wouldn’t get on the air.


And we have the education system to thank for all of this. Instead of hugging a teacher, why not grill them as to why they are teaching Marxist philosophy instead of civics? Ask them why earning a few shekels more in their paycheck is more important to them than molding the minds of America’s future generations?  You may be very surprised by the answers!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    Many teachers’ union members were/are, members of the American Communist Party. It goes back to the turn of the 20th century. Then the American Communist Party expanded its reach, into labor unions.

    • Thanks for the RB! and yes…you’re right about that. Wouldn’t it be great to get politics out of the classroom, and actually teach our students something for a change?

      • You’re welcome, and, I am amazed, because when I was in the beginning of fifth grade elementary school, my reading level with comprehension was first year college level. Today, reading is not taught. People have never developed skills in reading or mathematics. Their heads are filled with rubbish. When I go to the local pharmacies, the teenagers always rush to me or intercept me asking if I need help. “Yes. As a matter of fact, I really do need some help. You see, in my rush, I forgot to take my reading glasses. Would you be so kind and read this label to me?”. They turn red. I say, “Louder please, I am slightly deaf and have Tinnitus in both ears”. They can’t run away from me quick enough. Then I am free to browse the aisle in peace and quiet. I also ask them, “How much are these vitamins?”, and they answer. Then I hold up two more bottles and ask, “What will the sum of the three, be?” (DUH…)

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