Hate To Say I Told You So…

I don’t really think it takes an incredible genius of Harvard-style proportions to know early on that Obamacare would be a HUGE fail. After all, everybody that was being honest about it (which let out all of the Democrats that voted for it, and Obama), were screaming that it couldn’t work. Well, it seems they were right. In fact, even the healthcare overhaul’s largest supporter is now admitting that the whole thing was a sham.

Barack Obama himself has said that what needs to happen with Obamacare is that it goes to a single-payer system. Gee…knock me over with a feather. Really Democrats…you need to get a new playbook! This is getting ridiculous. You’re so easy to read and understand your true goals when you do something like this.

So, here’s a guy that lied to the American public from the start (remember, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”?) and kept lying to the American public every day since about the acceptance of Obamacare, now telling us that we NEED to have a single-payer system in order to fix it. Of course, he also claimed in a speech earlier this week that there were 25 million people on Obamacare which is a blatant lie. Obamacare is going to struggle to get to 9 million enrollees this year alone, and everybody that knows anything about insurance is saying the enrollees are going to decline, not advance.

The reason is simple. The math never worked for this. The insurance companies that signed on to it bought a bill of goods that swore that they’d make great money from the individual healthcare market just as long as they went along with some changes to the way they did business. There hasn’t been one single insurance company out there that hasn’t reported losses in the BILLIONS! And, Obama lied to them when he said the government would reimburse them for their losses for the first five years. That hasn’t happened, and won’t because of a law Marco Rubio pushed through congress saying it was illegal to do so.

So while Bobo is out there telling the world that Obamacare needs to survive, the truth is, it needs to be blown up as quickly as possible. There needs to be something in place to replace it, and no one wants to go back to the point that the 2 million people that had no insurance before this debacle began lose their insurance (I’m not counting the 6.8 million people that HAD individual coverages, lost them because of Obamacare and then were forced to sign up for more expensive insurance that had less coverage than they did before). No, we need to do something. I proposed doing two things early on and I stick to it today.

First, you open up the country. If I can buy a dishwasher from a store in North Carolina and have it shipped to the Arizona desert, I should be able to buy my insurance from anyone in the country. That’s true especially if the federal government is going to start sticking their nose into health insurance. There’s no reason we shouldn’t open up competition not squash it!

Second, if we are really concerned about the 2 million people without healthcare, buy them a policy. We would have saved almost a trillion dollars if we did that versus what we did. This is like building a Taj Mahal to store your push lawn mower in. Idiocy all the way!

I’m not saying Obamacare was entirely useless either. The “pre-existing condition” clause was a boon to the insurance industry and a bane to the individuals who had them. And the fact that Obamacare made every employer in America change who was eligible for insurance by limiting their hours, and cutting staff, having people 26 and under living in their parents’ basement still eligible to be on their insurance was a good thing. Other than that, blow it up! Start again! And in the meantime, go back to where we were, because this healthcare plan sucks. Always has…always will.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Hate To Say I Told You So…

  1. Well Desert, interesting post and Rifleman is an idiot, he just doesn’t know it. I learned that you really don’t research and you know nothing about insurance .

    First, insurance companies have not lost billions, rather they have made millions. Aetna has made the most. Had they lost billions they would almost be insolvent and that would be big news. Look up the financial statements if you don’t believe me.

    Second, selling insurance across State lines is not like buying a dishwasher. Insurance is regulated by the States and the laws are different from policy requirements to rate filings to legal remedies. So, if you have a beef with your coverage and want to sue, you probably would have to travel to the State where the policy was issued. So, if you are in Arizona and the policy was issued in North Dakota, good luck with that. I understand it is beautiful this time of year.

    As for the policies issued the year before Obamacare, the cancellations sent by the companies with offers of a new policy at a higher cost was disingenuous as the policies under Obamacare were cheaper.

    The doctor thing was a screw job by the companies as they set up the networks.

    Finally, as to the premiums increasing is another screw job as the policies were artificially cheap for the first three years so that the companies could do large increases producing even larger profits. I cannot confirm this point until early 2018 when the FYE statements are available, but I am pretty sure on this point.

    Hillary by seven with 330 electoral.

    • Snarky, how can somebody who spent their career in a field and someone that appears to be so “smart” be so stupid? If an insurance company were making millions of dollars at something, why in God’s name would they pull out of that activity? It just doesn’t make sense, not to mention the fact that if the shareholders ever found out the top brass would be out on their ass. You may have spent a career in insurance, you know absolutely zero about business. Second, you obviously don’t understand what selling across state lines means…it means the industry would be standardized (moreso than Obama did) and federalized. Or didn’t you pick up on that one? And I love how you callously dismiss the fact you have to drive two hours under Obamacare to see a doctor. Nice try. Wait a minute…INCONSISTENCY BULLSHIT FLAG being thrown! If the insurance companies are “making millions” as you claim, with “artificially cheap” rates for the first three years, why in hell would they increase it? The fact is, you’re really off on this one…oh, and you have no idea on the finish of the race. Nobody does, so don’t embarrass yourself any further than you already have!

  2. Well Desert, you still don’t understand what is going on here. The markets the companies are leaving are the State run exchanges as the pool of insureds is small and have serious medical issues. The companies are still on the Federal government site, where they are making their money, especially Aetna.

    Selling insurance across State lines will become standardized and Federalized? One of two things is happening here, you have obviously been hit in the face by your own bullshit flag or you have abandoned your cockamamie conservative values for an expansion of the Federal government.

    Where did the two hour drive to see a doctor cone from? You live on the Rez or something?

    As for the race, you really believe that the Orange Orangutan is going to be elected? That there are several million stealth white people out there just waiting to vote for this ignorant clown? If that is your position, you should seek professional help.

    How ’bout them Cubbies!!! Kyle Schwarber for president, OK he is not old enough but I would accept him as my Congressman as my current one, Trent Franks is essentially a worthless piece of shit.

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