Does Anything Matter Anymore?

So now The Fixer comes out against Hillary Clinton, saying that she and Bill have had an open marriage for years, and that Hillary has been involved with bisexual relationships the whole time. That really isn’t a surprise to me. We used to joke back home that our representative in Washington could get caught in bed with Hillary and she’d still win the election because she always fixed it when Aunt Martha’s Social Security checks were late.

“The Fixer” is Jeff Rovin, and he worked in the Clinton White House in the ‘90’s. His job was pretty much what Olivia Pope’s job is on Scandal, if you ever watch that TV show. Someone gets in trouble, he fixes it. And the Clintons were ALWAYS in trouble. So, in this election cycle where politics doesn’t matter and the only thing that does are the nasty comments and accusations one side throws at the other, my question is, why bother?

I mean it. What can WikiLeaks or anyone else actually come out with about Hillary Clinton to do more damage to her character than has already come out? Is there really anything out there that is so bad that we haven’t heard it yet, and we would change our vote? Is there anyone out there that has proof of something so tumultuous that it would sway the election? Think of the worst stuff you could of any political candidate and apply it to either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Is it really enough to make you change your mind and vote for the other candidate? Really?

In this election, it hasn’t been about the issues, which is sad. It’s been about gutter depravity. It is very similar to what was happening in 2012 with Obama and his run for re-election. Back then if you’ll recall, he was mired in an economy that really sucked. And all Mitt Romney had to do was run on the old Ronald Reagan line, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” and he would have won in a landslide. But Obama used the opportunity to divert the campaign and talk about anything besides the economy. Well, Clinton is doing the same thing. She’s made Donald Trump a bigger liar, a bigger fraud, a bigger fool, and a bigger failure than she is. She’s controlled the message. And he has fallen for the bait time and time again like the egomaniacal idiot he is.

It’s because of that I’m sure that it really doesn’t matter what is said in the final two weeks. There isn’t anything short of a video popping up that shows Hillary actually killing Vince Foster that would turn the country’s attention away from it all. I haven’t written about every little revelation because frankly, there are so many things and I only have so much time in the day to write these blogs. I’d be here all day everyday doing nothing but exploring all of the crazy crap that Clinton has been accused of. So a lot of it is like water over the dam. I let it flow downstream and don’t care about it. There’s just too much.

And that my friends is the saddest thing of all. We’re about to elect someone that shouldn’t be in the White House. She should be in jail.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


10 thoughts on “Does Anything Matter Anymore?

  1. OK, thanks so much for that Hillary image…it will never leave my brain now! BRAIN FREEZE!!! UGH! LOLOL1

    Now, back to the issue. “In this election, it hasn’t been about the issues, which is sad. It’s been about gutter depravity.” You couldn’t be more correct sir. But, hasn’t that been what our society has been all about lately? What gets more ratings, Fox News or Keeping Up With The Kardashians??? The masses don’t seem to be in it for the issues, they are in it for the DRAMA, so they can point their fingers at someone to blame for their lot in life while not lifting a finger to help themselves. Sad state of affairs. Hell, if you ask some voters why they are voting for a candidate or what issues that candidate represents that appeal to them, they look at you like a deer in the headlights! Yup, NOTHING changes with Hillary. Make no mistake, Trump is scary too!!!

  2. I think that she will make a fine president and may help set a precedent for Women accelerating their role in government, as for who belongs in prison I believe that defrauding investors should warrant that.

      • firstly, that is how politics in the US are run, power supports power, second I have not heard many flattering things about Wikileaks, I have little doubt that you have thoroughly researched this topic however that is not a reference most people go to as a news source but rather as a leak site whose findings should be investigated by journalist, news organizations and concerned citizens
        and lastly the reality is that the office of the president is not vital to our nations well being in and of itself and for those of us who pay presidential elections much mind it is often the lesser of two establishment candidates ( I hesitate to use evil lightly )

      • Whew! You really are quite mis-informed eathen! First of all, yes, I would agree that power supports power. That part you have right. Second, I don’t know why it is the first thing liberals do is question someone’s research capabilities when they don’t agree with what is being said. I guess it goes back to the old “playbook” of attacking someone you don’t agree with. Anyway, on that point, you’re sorely mistaken, totally out in left field, and left without a clue. Please, in the future, do not make accusations you know nothing about. You have no idea what research I do, and until you sit here and watch how long and to what extent I research this stuff, you need to keep quiet because all you are doing is showing your ignorance! Finally, your comment on the office of president not being vital to the nations well being shows exactly how wrong you are. Have you been awake for the past eight years? Do you understand exactly what the clown in the White House has been doing? Do you see the damage to the economy and the loss of opportunity that we’ve all suffered? Yes, it sometimes (like this year) is the lesser of two established candidates as you state, but it IS an important office, and what someone in that office does certainly matters to the well-being of our nation. I think a refresher course from your high school civics class is in order!

  3. We disagree on a number of issues that much is clear, however I meant to imply that you were a concerned citizen and that you do your research. I cannot counter your criticism of our president as I lack knowledge enough of what he has done or failed to do while in office, I firmly believe that presidents are judged more accurately by history than by commentators, someday I think I will wright history books because I love to judge people for exactly who they are.

    • Fair enough, and yes, I believe that presidents can be judged more accurately looking at the past than being judged in the present. That’s not to say that the current occupant won’t be judged favorably either. Harry Truman was a “terrible president” and almost lost the White House during is election bid (remember…he took over from Franklin D. Roosevelt when Roosevelt died in office). Today, he’s considered to be one of the best. Bill Clinton left office in semi-disgrace after the Monica Lewinsky affair and his impeachment, but he is viewed as a fair to decent president today. I guess it all depends on which side is actually writing the history books, doesn’t it?

      • well given time the best historians seem to shine forth, the best seem to stand the test of time, I personally don’t care much if people think I’m left or right learning, I have some right leaning tendencies such as abortion restriction and some left leaning ones such as social security, however many of my views don’t fit into current political movements such as the possibility of genetic memories, AI citizenship, cognitive privilege, education, personal freedom.

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