Obamacare (OUCH!) Premium Increases!

It’s not going to be pretty if you happen to be one of the nine million people that are using individual insurance coverage and get it through the exchange known as “Obamacare”. You’re about to receive a shock comparable to two paddles attached to your chest! Clear!

The rates for Obamacare are coming out now. It looks like out here in the desert (where the Desert Man is going to have to suffer through five years of individual coverage) the rates are going up more than 50%. And I’ve been told by someone in the industry that every single major carrier has pulled out of this state. There is only one small company who can’t afford to lose money that is going to be the only choice I have if I go that route!

So much for every household saving $2500 a year on insurance premiums. So much for “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. The closest doctor to me under this new plan is 2 ½ hours away. And yet, there isn’t anything that is available to my wife and I other than COBRA because she’s retiring in two weeks. We can only hope and pray that we both stay healthy for five years until Medicare kicks in.

That’s the problem. There isn’t anything there, and as I’ve said all along, it was planned to fail. By failing, the government can swoop in and rescue everybody with single-payer healthcare. And that is going to bankrupt the country quicker than Obamacare will. Doctors are retiring at an alarming rate…medical schools have openings for people who barely finished high school, much less were at the top of their class in college. And the cost to become a doctor continues to soar, with no hope in sight of every being able to get out of debt. That’s not really what someone looking to go into the medical profession wants to hear right about now.

Meanwhile, the Democrat running for president says that if we let Obamacare fail on its own (which it’s doing) we are going to leave “20 million people without healthcare”. Well, that’s another Hillary lie. It’s actually closer to 2 million. There are only 9 million people signed up for Obamacare. 7 million of them lost their individual coverage five years ago when Obamacare came into existence, so they really didn’t get healthcare for the first time through Obamacare. That leaves 2 million that actually were helped. And we’ve thrown away 1.6 TRILLION dollars on them. Anybody want to do the math as to what that cost us?

This was a terrible experiment that went south quickly. It makes Frankenstein look like the FDA should approve that re-generation surgery immediately. And in the end analysis, THIS will become Bobo Obama’s greatest legacy.
Thanks Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Obamacare (OUCH!) Premium Increases!

  1. This issue alone SHOULD keep Hillary out of the White House. She even brags, “It was ClintonCare before it became ObamaCare. Hillary was part of the big lie………a big part.

  2. My husband and I already pay almost $11K a year and both have $7K deductibles! My back surgery cost me $5k out-of-pocket!! Yes, here in Arizona we are already said to be paying the highest rates and that the increase here will be upwards of 115% in many cases, not just a 50% increase (from a couple sources I read though I did not verify it). Really?? Who the hell can afford that??? ObamaCrap is the worst thing ever!!! Now, some folks will qualify for a subsidy (that we taxpayers are paying for) but the increase will push those of us who don’t qualify right over the edge of not being able to afford health coverage at all! And how in the heck can the government keep bailing folks out of the problems THEY created? Well, they cant!! So you and I will pay the enormous burden in our taxes and in our healthcare leaving us in the poor house and needing a hand-out that we can’t qualify for. Perfect, just perfect.

    • We had a similar instance this year. My wife knew she was going to be having surgery in February, and we knew it was going to cost us the entire deductible. We DIDN’T know she was going to have a pulmonary embolism in September…which would have cost us probably $100,000 more (1 day in ICU, 2 additional days in the hospital!). I saw the bill for the February surgery, which was surgery and an overnight stay and it was in excess of $65,000!!! And of course, she’s retiring this year, so we’re looking at “individual insurance”. And of course, here in the desert, we’re going down to one insurance carrier for individual insurance next year! Wonder why there’s a 115% increase? thanks obama!

      • OMGOSH! Sorry to hear what your wife (and you) went through…no picnic! It’s outlandish the price of even a one-night stay in the hospital let alone the cost of whatever procedure being done. My back surgery was $70k and that wasn’t even the hospital charge! I met my $7k deductible this year so all my PT is ‘free’ (HAHAHAHA) but come January it’s back to a $7k deductible! Ever feel like a hamster running on a wheel?? Well of course you do!!

        Is your wife ok now??? That was pretty serious! 😟☹️

      • I have a leaky aortic valve, just discovered about 6 years ago (discovered by accident: drank some gator aid that had gone bad and it mimicked a heart attack), that my aorta is bi-cuspid (from birth) rather than tri-cuspid. When you reach your 50s the flaps (valve) can start leaking due to aging….deterioration. So, mine does leak, and replacement of the valve is in the future. I am closely monitored for it…….they won’t open me up until they have to; of course now they may be able to go through my thigh to replace the valve. My point is……..Geez how much is this going to cost? I am one of those that…….may opt for passing up surgery. Even after I meet the deductible, what won’t my insurance pay for. Presently have UnitedHealth through my employer……… Hope to have the surgery, if I have it, before I retire. Problem is, if it starts leaking too bad………it’s life ending. If I let it go, there is also an aneurism around the base of the valve near the leak……they keep a close measurement of; if it were to burst, it’s instant adios! If I were still in my 30s or 40s my mind thought wouldn’t be the same as today. I think the Obama folks were counting on us all passing early.

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