Does The FBI Re-Investigation Mean Anything….REALLY?

It was most assuredly a major surprise when James Comey stood at a podium on Friday and announced that the FBI was going to re-open the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandals. Republicans felt vindicated and Democrats felt betrayed. Of course, that’s like saying the sun is going to rise in the east in the morning. The mere fact Comey did it isn’t the big news here. You have to dig deeper to find it. Let’s do that shall we?

First of all, yes, Republicans feel this could be the October Surprise game changer they’ve been looking for, and it may be. That part I’m not sure of. This election has been so filled with innuendo and mudslinging that both candidates look like they belong in the mud-wrestling scene of Stripes. And it hasn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm all that much on either side. Has Trump lied? Probably, yes. Has Hillary lied? See the above question about the sun rising in the east. Does it matter? That is the real question!

I’m sure for someone that has been sitting on the fence, not sure IF they were going to vote, they may be persuaded to go to the polls and vote for Trump just because it looks like Clinton WAS guilty of something. That will be the takeaway on this. Why open the case if there isn’t something there? Of course, Democrats are going to swing at Comey, wondering why someone that is supposedly conservative would wait until 11 days before an election to bring this forward. And Republicans are happy just because it gets the news off of Trump (who actually broke it to a crowd at his rally) and gives him more ammunition.

But does this news really matter? I would say no. There’s no way you are going to get anything definitive out of the FBI between now and Election Day. And let’s be real honest here. The whole investigation can be quelled by Obama with one swipe of the pen if he were to pardon Clinton for “crimes that may have been committed up to this point”. Of course, he taints his whole presidency much more than it already is if he does that (ask Gerald Ford!). But if she wins, it isn’t going to matter, other than to have happen what I said over a year ago…Hillary Clinton would win the election and by February would be impeached and this time would become the first person every convicted of a crime and forced to leave office.

Now, again, will it matter in the election? Probably not. If you’re a Clintonista, you’re angry. You’re angry at the FBI Director for waiting to bring this out a handful of days prior to an election that was going your way. If you’re a Trump supporter, you’re more of a Trump supporter. And if by chance you are one of the six people sitting on the sidelines not voting, I doubt this is going to move a lot of you. It may move some, but enough to tilt the election? Let’s face it…Trump needs you to be in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire, or Nevada to make a difference, assuming he’s going to hang on to Florida. IF he can sway enough people in those ten states it matters, yes, it can make a difference. We’ll find out a week from Tuesday, won’t we?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Does The FBI Re-Investigation Mean Anything….REALLY?

    • Not necessarily. “Impeachment” is the act of being brought to trial. It’s not the conviction of the trial. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were impeached. Neither were removed from office because neither were found guilty by 2/3 of the Senate (though Andrew Johnson almost was…he missed conviction by one vote).

      • back when the senate had more ethics Andrew Jackson missed being removed from office despite being perhaps the most hated president in American history at least by the senate.

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