What The Democrats SHOULD Do

Let’s get one thing clear up top. I’m not a fan of convicting someone before they are convicted. But in a case where there is such a mountain of evidence and no plausible excuse as to why that evidence exists without guilt being associated, one’s mind has to go there (at least if they’re not totally mind-numbed robots of the side that’s being accused). But it’s with that in mind that I bring you exactly the best way for the Democrats to save their hides in this election season.

It’s become very clear and very evident over the past 19 months that Hillary Clinton is a liar. She’s been called that to her face and she has never denied it. She can’t. The facts are the facts. Now, FBI Director James Comey has to have come up with something that is a bombshell revelation that he didn’t have last month when he told the world that a prosecutor couldn’t try Hillary Clinton because “there was no intent”. Apparently, he has found that intent. Otherwise, why would he bring that up? We have to leave out one thing I know my liberal friends would love to pounce on here, and that’s that he didn’t actually do it for political purposes. That so far in his career has not been Comey’s motivation, and there is nothing to suggest here that it is his motivation. So, with that in mind, if you are Donna Brazile, head of the DNC, what is the best thing for you to do for your party?

You have to throw your candidate under the bus. Oh, it’s been done at the VP level before. Remember Thomas Eagleton? He was the Vice Presidential pick of George McGovern, and when it was found out that he had been seeing a shrink, McGovern dropped him from the ticket like a hot potato. Not that McGovern was going to beat Nixon anyway. This was 1972, and Watergate hadn’t really erupted yet. Oh, we knew about it…but Nixon was playing Hillary and was denying everything. But changing out a candidate HAS been done, just not at the very top of the ticket. So, Donna Brazile, if she really wants the chance to show the country she has the country’s best interests at heart, and not Hillary’s, she needs to throw Hillary under the bus, and bring someone else in. Will they lose the presidency? Yup. They sure will. Are they going to now? Well, I still don’t have a working crystal ball (and neither does anybody else), but the odds are growing in Trump’s favor!

What I would do if I were a much better looking Donna Brazile is to announce to the world that Hillary Clinton was being taken off the ticket and all votes for the Democrats for president would not count. But I would at the same time encourage all of America to vote downstream and elect a Democrat to a House of Representatives seat, or a Senate seat. The Dems have their eyes fixated on taking back the Senate, and they had talked earlier about the House (though that seems like a pipe-dream now!). But if Brazile were to say that they’d concede the presidential race to Trump, but we NEED to have a Democrat controlled congress to temper all of the negativity that Trump is going to try and throw at the country, the chances would be at least 50/50 that she could swing enough votes in enough close races to get that done. Then in 2020, get a REAL Democrat candidate to run that isn’t going to tank your party with their crimes and their lies and let them go after it.

It’s a simple strategy that would work! The only thing standing in the way is that Democrats usually don’t react like that. Oh, they did in Anthony Weiner’s case after the sexting scandals got to be even too much for them…but overall, they circle the wagons and ride out the attack. That isn’t going to do them any favors this time around. Hillary has hurt this party a lot with the latest revelations, and isn’t going to help them win either chamber of congress if she stays in the race. It’s time to cut the losses and see what else you can go after. IF they were smart…which they’re not.

That by the way, is free advice. Use it Donna, or you’re going to end up like Little Debbie!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “What The Democrats SHOULD Do

  1. Well Desert, Comey has finally gone over to the Republican dark side. He has entered the Department of Making Shit Up as defined by Senator Mitch “Droog Kloot” McConnell.

    Comey apparently has decided that decades of FBI procedures and policies are not relevant in an investigation of anyone that might be involved with Hillary. While investigations are kept secret, he found that it didn’t apply in this instance. So, what does he do, issue a letter that says nothing other than mention Hillary, e-mails, investigation.
    Even he doesn’t know what’s in the e-mails but it does warrant a letter to Republicans in Congress.

    Now, apparently he has united Rs and Ds with this stunt, although with different viewpoints.

    Time for this clown to resign and live off his pension with the possibility of being a rainmaker at a large law firm.

    Have a positive day.

    • Very good post though I don’t see that they would have the balls to drop Hillary from the ticket In my mind they have dug a deep hole in the dem party that they will play hell filling in the future. I tend to believe there will be a price to pay for running with Hillary.

    • Well, you are off-base once again. Actually what Comey did was to do Loretta Lynch’s job for her because she was so in the tank for Hillary, she had no chance of pursuing justice, but then again, when do liberals know anything about right and wrong? What upsets you most is that your girl may actually have to face up to years of breaking the law. Can’t have that now, can we?

  2. Well basharr, it looks like the Republicans are going to suck the pipe on this one. The Orange Orangutan has all but destroyed the Republican party with his pseudo acid soaked campaign. The Republicans will take a long time to recover the this impending disaster because Drumpf will not go away even though he is a Yuge Loser.

    Get ready to say Madame President.

    Hey asshole, release your tax returns smega boy.

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