Why Hillary’s Supporters Stay With Her

It hit me about three o’clock this morning exactly why Democrats still want Hillary Clinton to be president despite countless scandals, foibles, lies, and illegal activities. It’s because they don’t view the world like “normal” people do. Let me explain.

Most normal people view right and wrong. They view it as following the rules or breaking the rules. They don’t view it as a sliding scale. You are either right, or you are wrong. You are either breaking the law or you are following the law. There is no in-between. That’s not the case with liberals. Liberals need to have sliding scales for everything. There HAS to be a lot of grey area because they need to excuse so much amoral, unethical, illegal, and just plain wrong behavior, so they have developed this “grey area” scale. Let’s look at that shall we?

Take a look at the constitution. Now, conservatives will tell you that it says that you have a freedom of speech. You have the freedom to worship as you choose without governmental interference. You have the right to own a firearm. But that is too cut and dried for a liberal. They don’t want to see it that way because it flies in the face of what they believe. They don’t believe you necessarily have the right to say anything against their ideology (go back to the Alien & Sedition act on that one!). They believe that freedom OF religion (what it says) should be freedom FROM religion, and thus a separation between religion and government (their religion). And, they don’t believe you necessarily have the right to bear arms, but you have the right to form a well-organized militia and that individuals shouldn’t be allowed to carry weapons like that. So, in order to make all of that “grey area” stuff sound normal, they call the constitution “a living, breathing document”. Well, it’s neither frankly. It’s not alive, and never has been, and it doesn’t breathe. I’ve seen it. It lays there in the National Archives. That’s all it does. But if you take it at its face value, liberals are wrong, and they can’t have that.

Let’s take a look at another area. Let’s look at the law. You have prosecutors, and you have defense attorneys. The defense folks are about 99.9% liberal. Why? Because quite honestly, it’s their job to convince judges and juries that their clients are the victims, not the perpetrators of crimes. It’s no longer did they do it, but WHY they did it. And the excuses range from they ate too many Twinkies as a kid (as in the Harvey Milk murder case), to their parents didn’t love them enough, to they were too rich, or too poor, or too smart, or too stupid. The defense likes to come up with any excuse to make the accused become the victim. And what’s wrong with that? Well, it takes the guilty or not guilty and throws it out the window, replacing it with a sliding scale of guilt. They may be guilty, but it wasn’t their fault. Nothing is EVER their fault.

And so it is with Hillary Clinton. Yes, she had an illegal server in her basement, but it wasn’t her fault. She was only thinking of convenience. Yes, Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch in an airplane in Phoenix before the DOJ decided not to indict Hillary, but it wasn’t his fault. He was only talking about grandchildren. Yes, Hillary met with the elections official in Broward Country, Florida two weeks before a very contested election, but it was only to share yoga routines. Same thing…the truth is a sliding scale based on whatever liberals need it to say. And that my friends is a very dangerous thing, because I too can manipulate the truth to say what I want it to say, and I would just bet you I’m better at manipulating the truth having been a talk show host, than about 99% of you! So be careful…and…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Why Hillary’s Supporters Stay With Her

  1. A lot of words but a cloudy, vague message. Put clearer and simpler, they support Hillary because they’re the enemies of America and Hillary is, despite everything, what appears to be their best hope to further their destruction of America so that they can replace it with a pseudo-nation that meets their desires.

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