The Dead Really DO Vote In Chicago!

The CBS affiliate, Channel 2, WBBM, has come out with an investigative report. Now, I know everybody is extremely “pro-Chicago” these days with the Cubs and all, but we all know that’s not really what Chicago is known for. It’s a lot better known for Al Capone, Richard Daily, drive-by shootings, and the dead voting. And apparently, all of that is true.

WBBM came out with a report recently showing that, Yes, Virginia, dead people really DO vote in Chicago. They showed instances where someone that died in 1998 voted in the 2010 off-year election. Someone else that died in 1994 has voted six times since then…and it’s always for Democrats! Imagine that.

Now, Chicagoans aren’t going to bitch and complain about this, hell they are 90% Democrat. And that is exactly the reason why the city is in the trouble it’s in! There isn’t a prosperous city that’s been run by Democrats for 50 years in this country. They are ALL in decline. Because liberalism doesn’t work. It can’t because sooner or later you run out of Other People’s Money.

So, what’s all of this mean in terms of the presidential election? It means that of course Hillary Clinton is going to take Illinois! She has to because 25% of the votes coming out of there are going to be from the dearly departed. And it’s the very reason why Democrats are pushing to allow illegal aliens (that is defined as people that have come into this country illegally are NOT citizens of this country) the right to vote in presidential elections. Am I missing something here?

Do I have the right to travel 2 1/2 hours south to Nogales, Mexico and vote in their presidential elections? Do the people back in Toledo, Ohio where I’m from have the right to travel an hour north to Windsor, Ontario Canada and vote in their provincial elections? Nope. So can anybody tell me why in the name of John Myatt we should be allowing people that aren’t citizens of our country, much less came here and crossed the border illegally the right to vote? I’m waiting to hear the answer to that one. It’s gotta be a hoot!

No, illegals shouldn’t be here and they certainly shouldn’t be voting. I’ve said all along that if they came here illegally, and they want to stay, as long as they have a clean record, pay taxes, back taxes, and a penalty, I’m all for it. I’m NOT however for making them a citizen ahead of the people that are going about it legally. And if they DO ever become a citizen, they never, EVER get the right to vote in any election. That is stamped on their state ID or drivers’ license. And in an election that apparently is going to be as close as this one is, they certainly shouldn’t be deciding it. And neither should dead people!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “The Dead Really DO Vote In Chicago!

  1. Ohhhh, but DesertMan, you know full well there is not, nor has there ever been, voter fraud in the United States. After all, our administration over the years have grown more and more transparent, and honest of course, with each passing year!! They have made a stand to do everything by the book so they can be found blameless in the eyes of every American, for generations to come. Brings a tear to my eye knowing that they honor the flag as they do and uphold the laws our forefathers passed down! How about YOU?! UGH!!!! I may vomit now. 🙂

    • Honest???? Really??? Lorra B…I have to question your judgement! LOL. Yeah, of course, there are no dead people voting. Nobody is voting twice and the reason the liberals want people to vote without showing any ID doesn’t have anything to do with people committing voter fraud! I get all that. I just think dead people SHOULD be allowed to vote as often as they want!

      • I forgot what state it was but the Democrats were bitching because they were taking some voters off the voter rolls because they hadn’t voted in over 6 years and/or they were dead. They were bitching that they were even taking the dead people off. Imagine that! It is the law in that state to remove names if they hadn’t voted in over 6 years. So they had every right to do it. Dems needed those names, even the dead.

  2. Well Desert, first you have to do some research, if you are referring to Da Mare, it’s Richard J Daley and if it is little Richie, it’s Richard M Daley.

    As for the WBBM report, which is AM radio, details are needed,i. e., how many, where in the city, how was this located, things like that. I do find this suspicious as this has not been reported by no other news agency. Where did this this report as I highly doubt you listen to this station, like your fake FBI friend,

    Before I left Chi-town, the real fraud was being run in the suburbs by Republicans, mostly in DuPage county, one of the wealthiest in the country.

    Since your average gerbil reading this and posting here is not from Chicago therefore knows nothing about it, you could be jiving them.

    Beat on Liberals all you want, just remember that a lot of what you enjoy today is the result of the work of Liberals.

    See you on November 9th.

    Cubs In seven, hopefully.

    • I think you should check out channel 2’s website. It’s all there…you know you CAN do some fact-checking yourself!!! Oh, by the way, I don’t think there’s much liberals have contributed to society…I’m not much into welfare, foodstamps, or cradle-to-grave. I believe more that people are the answer, not government. You’ll see me before November 9th or aren’t you going to be at the candidate forum on the 3rd?

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