Why The Left Is Pushing To Ditch The Electoral College

I mean, you would too if your candidate won the popular vote and still didn’t get elected, right? But in all honesty, it’s been the system we’ve used for presidential elections in this country since our constitution was written and adopted. And for the liberal left that is all upset that Hillary Clinton got 1.7 million more votes than Donald Trump, the lesson is easy…get your people to move to different states!

Look, I am super-happy that Clinton lost the election, make no mistake about that. Having that witch in the White House would have been a bastardization of everything this country stands for. I don’t believe (and I could be wrong about this), we’ve never ELECTED a criminal to the presidency. Certainly we’ve elected candidates that have stretched the truth, backed out of campaign promises, and didn’t do what they said they were going to do once they got into office. But never in the history of this country, have we had a pair of candidates so ill-equipped to take over the reins of government. And never in the history of this country have we had one of the candidates under investigation by federal authorities as the campaign was going on; the only reason that they weren’t indicted was a political move by the party in power…hers!

So, the electoral college was devised because quite frankly, the founding fathers of the country didn’t trust the people with a direct vote to the presidency. Now, that was then, this is now. But the mere fact you’ve got a bunch of people that were supporters of Hillary Clinton that didn’t know any of the stuff she had been involved in, and didn’t care about the recent stuff, is evidence enough that the founding fathers were smart well beyond their years! Now add in the simple fact that if you didn’t have the electoral college, and all you did was have a popular vote, your state probably wouldn’t matter. The only states that would are New York, California, Illinois, and Texas. That’s it. So if you live in Ohio, or Wyoming or God-forbid any state in New England, you might as well stay home on election day because you just don’t have enough people in your state to matter.

So yes Virginia, it IS possible to win the popular vote and lose the election. That’s what happens when you have a system that is “rigged” against four states having enough of a population that they could sway the election (and three of them are heavily populated with Dems). And no, it’s not unfair. It happens to be the way we’ve gone about business in this country since we were founded. So, Jill Stein and her recounts, and Hillary and her sore-loser mantra, can call it a day. Like it or not, Donald Trump will be the president. Even Hillary’s campaign is saying that any recount isn’t going to change the election. The vote total in the closest state being contested is 10,747 votes in Michigan, and there has never, ever been a recount that changed an electoral victory of that proportion. Forget Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where both are needed to sway the election, and both have wider gaps than Michigan. This one is over. Get on with life and stop your bitching!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!



Democrats who were hoping that Hillary Clinton had one last dying chance at overturning the election of Donald Trump have failed. Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, who didn’t garner many votes anywhere (I think I got more write in votes in Arizona than she got being on the ballot), ended up missing the deadline to file for a recount in Pennsylvania, according to the Washington Examiner.

The fact Stein blew the recount deadline in PA means that she’s basically wasted money in Wisconsin. It doesn’t matter what happens now with Michigan’s 16 Electoral College votes, or Wisconsin’s 10 votes. That would still leave Hillary Clinton short IF she were to overturn each of those two states. And that’s something everybody in the world has said probably wouldn’t happen.

Again, the big question remains why someone with “Dr.” in front of their name would be so idiotic and wasteful of people’s time and money to attempt to overturn an election that wasn’t even close in the first place. And when you think of it, had Jill Stein not run, but actually campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the first place, Clinton would have won. If you would have added Stein’s votes to Hillary’s totals in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, she would be president on January 20th, not Trump. So Jill Stein has no one but herself to blame for this.

Unless of course, there was another reason for her to pull the recount stunt. I think personally it was done to keep her name in the headlines for a few scant moments longer. Let’s face it, the glow of news coverage can be pretty appealing if you’re into that sort of thing…and apparently Stein is. When wealthy muckraker, George Soros decided to fund the recount effort, Stein moved forward. And since Hillary was tied to Soros and his big bucks, she had no option but to join in the fun. Of course, she gets tagged with the “sore loser” mantra for the rest of her life, much as Al Gore did. And she ends up joining the likes of Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry, and John McCain as the world’s worst political candidates, probably topping that list with room to spare.

In the end, the Democrats’ chances to do something…anything to unseat Trump with his “upset” victory was a last gasp effort that they had to know wouldn’t go anywhere. So why would anyone bother with this? Again, saying that we had to make sure that our voting machines were safe (in two states that used paper ballots), and that “every vote counts” when there was absolutely no evidence that anyone was denied voting in the first place is ludicrous. All this managed to do was show how out of touch Democrats are in today’s society. It definitely puts an exclamation point on WHY they lost in the first place. They were the reason for the need for change, and they were blind to that fact.

Well, that and nobody wanted to listen to a screeching, fat, old woman in pant suits for the next four years.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

A Few Thoughts On Recount

So, they are going to recount the vote in Wisconsin. It was called for and paid for by someone that got 33,000 votes in the state. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, who finished fourth out of four major party candidates decided that she needed to hold a recall. The main question is “why?”

I mean, let’s be honest. No one…not Jill Stein, not Hillary Clinton (who has joined the recount petition), not the White House or Barack Obama, and certainly not Donald Trump himself believes that the recount has any chance of over-turning the election of Trump. If that were to happen, Trump’s 1.2% win over Clinton in Wisconsin, and 1.0% win over Clinton in Pennsylvania would have to be over-turned. Also needing to be over-turned would be the state of Michigan, which Trump won by over 10,700 votes (and they have already gone through an done a recount). No where anywhere has a recount succeeded in changing the results of a 10,700 vote lead. And that was the closest race of any of them.

So, my question would be, Why would Hillary Clinton want to get involved with this in the first place. This isn’t 2000, and this isn’t Florida, where the end result was only a 500+ victory for George W. Bush. This is 20 times that victory. What could Hillary Clinton possibly gain by getting involved in such a recount? The only answer I can possibly think of is that she thinks there is still a chance she could pull off enough fraud to over-throw the American people’s choice.

My warning to her would be simple. Stay in Chappaqua and have another glass of wine. To try and over-throw an election which wasn’t actually that close (in the electoral college vote, which is the only vote that matters). If it were 271-269, OK, I’d get it, and yeah, I’d probably say she should go for it. The mere fact that she lost by 74 electoral votes. That is NOT a close election. And that is not an election that you waste money and time holding recounts.

If as rumor states, the Stein/Clinton team is planning on recounting Michigan as well, it is going to throw Michigan right out of the race because they will have to do a hand recount of the paper ballots in each of Michigan’s 83 counties. That means that Michigan will most likely miss the December 19th Electoral College vote. It doesn’t matter either. There are enough votes to make sure that Trump is elected.

The end analysis here is that a recount is a waste of time and money. Everybody has agreed with that. So why in hell would anybody do it? It makes no sense! The only thing that one could reason why this is happening is so Jill Stein can raise a bunch of money, pay for a recount, and then go ahead and use the left over money for the Green Party to use to have better recruiting up the road. It stinks, but it’s legal. We can fight it in the future, by never voting for a Green Party candidate.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Recount? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Recount!

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who ended up getting about six votes in this year’s presidential election and finishing fourth out of the four major candidates, has raised the necessary money to demand a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Why is she doing it? Well, it isn’t to prove to the world that SHE won. It’s to try and steal the election from Donald Trump.

Michigan has already run a recount, and it narrowed the gap by 560 votes, with Trump still winning (and most of the polling organizations don’t show Michigan in Trump’s category). In Pennsylvania, Trump won by 78,000 votes, and in Wisconsin he took the state by over 29,000 votes. Both were close, 1.2% in Pennsylvania, and 1.0% in Wisconsin.

Here’s where the Dems should keep their mouths shut and get on with life. Michigan basically has already done their recount and aren’t in play. Trump has 309 Electoral votes and you need 270 to win. That’s a margin of 39 votes. In order to “flip” the election, Stein would have to flip all three states. Michigan is already done with one recount, which would tell me that it just gives Democrats more time to “find” bags of unopened absentee votes someplace that had been “forgotten” and stored in a closet some place.

Even if the Democrats were to flip Michigan AND Pennsylvania, it only drops Trump to 270, and that’s the magic number. No, they need to win all three states before the Electoral College votes next month. The likelihood of that is about the same as me winning the presidency…at least the legitimate likelihood of that happening!

Democrats (and Green Party candidates) need to understand the election is over. It’s time to stop playing Al Gore and crying about it. You lost. It happens. Elections have winners and losers and Hillary Clinton just happened to lose to the second worst candidate in US history, which makes her the worst candidate in US history. I know that isn’t how she saw this coronation, but that’s the way it came out. It’s disappointing, but life is disappointing sometimes. Have another case of wine, put on another 25 pounds and get over it, Hillary!

I guess what irks me most is, she has already conceded. Al Gore conceded in 2000 as well, and then “unconceded”? Yup. So, is Hillary going to do the same thing? Or is she going to do what, and I don’t believe I’m going to drop his name into this equation here, Richard Nixon did in 1960 and even though Kennedy had massive voter fraud in Chicago (catch me while I faint!), and Nixon could have actually won the presidency…he conceded “for the good of the country”. Clinton needs to drop this crap now and get on with whatever phase is next in her life. We all are aware it won’t be in politics.

As for the cry babies out there that can’t accept defeat…blame your liberal idiot parents. They forgot to teach you that losing was a part of life and you have to learn to deal with both winning AND losing. It’s not the only time you’re going to lose, so get used to it. You don’t have to like it, in fact, you should learn to hate it, but you DO have to learn to deal with it! That’s what I suggest Jill Stein, and the rest of the liberal establishment spend the next four years doing. Learn to deal with it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Give Me A Friggin’ Break!

You want to know what chaps my underside about liberals? It’s easy. They are the sorest losers on the planet. They can’t accept the fact that they’ve lost, and so they try anything and everything to try and “re-open” voting, or call for “re-counts”. Of course, they do it to insure that “every person and every vote gets counted”. Well, folks I have news for you. Every vote in this presidential election WAS counted, and Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was a terrible candidate. That is the fact. But still liberals aren’t happy.

They want Hillary to call for a recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Of course, that gives them time to find bags of unopened “absentee votes” in some closet somewhere. And don’t tell me Democrats don’t participate in voter fraud. Hell, that’s the only reason Republicans want to have you show some sort of ID at the polls. It happens all the time, and still happens today. After all, they caught more dead people voting in Chicago again this year. They shoot each other, they kill each other, but they keep on voting…how does that work?

Actually, Hillary Clinton would be smart to ignore the calls from these so-called “election attorneys” (which must be people that only work once every four years). She has conceded. She has lost. And quite frankly, if she were to pull an Al Gore, the country would revolt against her worse than anything you’ve seen against Trump so far. Talk about tearing the country apart! You would have more than riots in the street…you’d have assassination attempts on her, her family, and her cat.

No, the nation has decided for better or for worse that the winner of the election, according to the rules of our nation, is Donald Trump. You may like that outcome or you may hate that outcome, but you have to live with that outcome. That’s the way the game is played. I can’t help it if your parents taught you that you are always a winner, and you get anything you want just by wanting it, and if things don’t go your way you can scream and kick and throw temper-tantrums until somebody gives in. But thems the breaks. You’re an adult know and you need to grow up, pull on your big-boy pants, and learn to accept it.

I can tell you that half the country felt the same way eight years ago and four years ago when Bobo Obama won not once, but twice. We wondered whether the country was strong enough to stand his presidency. Well, it’s still here, which is what I wondered the whole time, but it happened. And my hunch is, that in four years, or eight years, we’ll still be here after Donald Trump leaves office. But like every conservative out there, we held our nose and bullied through eight years of Obama. You liberal idiots out there that want to protest and get participation ribbons for everything will make it too. You lost, get used to it. It’s called life. It happens. You can deal with it, or move to Bolivia, which actually would be better for our country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Is Right About Hillary…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very firm believer that the wheels of justice grind slowly, but very fine. And I’m a believer that if you commit a crime, you should pay for that crime. But I think Donald Trump may just be right when he says he’s not going to prosecute Clinton over the email scandals because he wants to bring the country together. It does something Hillary Clinton knows very little about. It shows maturity, and it shows class. Hillary has neither of those traits.

The vengeance part of me says he needs to nail her fat ass to a tree and crucify her. But when I stop and think about it, I come away with a far different feeling. So what if she lied and got away with it? She wanted to be the first female president more than anything in life. More than a mother, more than a grandmother, more than a wife, more than a first lady. And she fell short of that goal. She will never, ever achieve her life long dream of being the first female president. She’s a lot like Al Gore in that sense, who also had that dream, and it ended up costing him his wife, his life, and his sanity. Hillary will self-destruct over this. There is no need to help push her over the edge. She’ll never recover.

Donald Trump saw that and decided to be the bigger person. I think it shows he’s absolutely serious about bringing the country together. To him, this is more than politics. To Clinton is WAS politics. To Donald Trump, it was a chance to make an early stance and show America that he IS capable of making long-lasting decisions that are good for the country. And so what if Clinton gets away with another scandal?

I’ve always believed that when we meet our Maker, we have to face the ultimate judge at that point and we have to account for what we’ve done in life. I don’t want to be the judge of Hillary Clinton, but my hunch is she has a lot to account for. She wears the fact she testified before congress for 11 hours as a badge. Somehow, I think this judgement is going to take a lot longer to wade through everything she’s purported to have done. That’s her problem, and her business.

So in the end analysis, Trump gets a big point on this account. He’s the bigger person, he is above politics, and yes, he has helped to drain the swamp of the over-bloated, crooked, scheming Clinton political machine. They are now damaged goods with no influence to pedal what-so-ever. And that has to hurt more than anything for them.

As for Trump, he’s just getting started. If he continues on the road he’s on now, he’s going to expose a lot of Democrats for the two-bit ego maniacs that they are, and the nation will be forced to watch. If you aren’t a Donald Trump fan, that’s ok…just realize this…he doesn’t get beaten too often.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It’s Thanksgiving!

So, we sort of, kind of leave politics to the side a little bit today. Hey, it’s Thanksgiving and this year I have a lot to be thankful for:

I’m thankful that my family is here. My daughter, son-in-law, and their two kids came in this past Saturday. My son, my daughter-in-law, and their two kids came in Sunday. My mom lives up the street so we have a nice family gathering as we have for the past four years.

I’m thankful for having the world’s greatest wife. She retired on November 4th after spending 27 years in the Nursing Home industry. No one deserves it (or appreciates it) more!

I’m thankful that 39 years ago today, in a church parking lot in Wadsworth, Ohio, when I asked her to marry me, she replied, “Can I think about it?” Of course, then she said yes!

I’m thankful for the fact that she had a pulmonary embolism about two months ago, and our doctor caught it on a hunch. I’m thankful she’s alive!

I’m thankful I live in a country where we DO apparently know the difference between right and wrong. And though more people don’t, we have something called the Electoral College that fixes their mistake!

I’m thankful that we’ve ended the long, 30-year Clinton reign of power in this country and that now they will have to stand up to their illegal activities.

I’m thankful for Detroit Lions football on Thanksgiving. They’ve been doing that ever since I’ve been alive, and it helps make Thanksgiving better…though I’m still trying to get used to football starting at 10am out here in the Desert!

I’m thankful for being able to give back to this community by serving as a director on their Board of Directors for the past two years, and looking forward to next year! It’s been a lot of fun, and some frustrations, but I’ve gotten to know some very intelligent, friendly, great people in that two years. I can’t imagine having to go on this journey without them.

I’m thankful for the men and women who aren’t spending Thanksgiving with their families this year. Instead, they are strewn across the globe, making us free and serving in the armed services. Their sacrifice means so much to me! It should mean so much to every American!

And I’m thankful I live in a country like the United States. Even having to suffer through eight years of an idiot president who doesn’t understand right from wrong, we have persevered and will survive! Things WILL get better!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Now get out there and celebrate…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!