It’s The Consistency, Stupid!

Back in 1992 when Bill Clinton was taking on George HW Bush for the White House, James Carville came up with the line, “It’s the economy, stupid!” as a way to outline Clinton’s candidacy. And it was also in 1992 that the DOJ and the FBI decided late in the campaign to indict Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger four days before the election. It was a watershed moment in Bush’s run for re-election as his own Justice Department had indicted his own sitting Defense Secretary. A lot of folks claim that it cost Bush the election.

Hillary Clinton was all in favor of that indictment by the way. There wasn’t any concern from her at the time that it was coming four days from a presidential election…and it was an actual INDICTMENT, not an investigation by the FBI, so her current campaign blather that this is “troubling” and “unprecedented” are as we say in the business, full of poo-poo caca.

Now, we hear that FBI Director James Comey, found some sort of evidence that 11 days from the presidential election made him decide that there COULD be enough evidence in Anthony Weiner’s and Huma Abedin’s personal computers, cell phones and the like that may just shed some “intent” into Hillary Clinton’s actions. This has the Clinton camp in an uproar, and the Trump campaign feeling like they have a second wind.

My question is as always, what about consistency? Let’s be consistent on this stuff. If Hillary Clinton didn’t have a problem with an actual indictment being handed down to a high-level member of the Bush administration a scan 24 years ago, why is she so concerned that an extra week out of the campaign, she’s getting an investigation re-opened on her? That’s not consistent. That’s partisan. And, THAT is Hillary Clinton.

The only reason that Clinton is upset is because she felt she had the email thing beat. She had the White House sewn up. And now, there are calls for her to step down from some rather liberal places (like the Chicago Tribune of all places!). Those folks in Chicago want Hillary out and Tim Kaine to step in as the top of the ticket. Well, it kind of goes along with what I said this past weekend, except I said Donna Brazile should declare the ticket void and uncountable and push to have all people in America, Republicans and Democrats vote in a Democrat-controlled congress…both houses. It would serve her better to do that. It would show the Dems have some semblance of moral and ethical boundaries after the total disregard for law and order that Hillary has displayed.

All I am asking for here is a little bit of consistency. Hillary thought it was fair in 1992, she doesn’t think it’s fair now. Why? Because it was happening to someone running against her husband back then. It’s happening to her now. That’s why. That’s the only reason why. And it’s that inconsistency, that blatant partisanship that has America hating her.

I think Andy Borowitz may have had it right in his column when he indicated that Queen Elizabeth II has offered to put America back under British rule. Hey…it’s a thought…AND it’s consistent!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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