What COULD Have Happened…

OK, we’re under a week until the most contentious, the most maligned, the most disgustingly dirty, mudslinging campaign of any of our lives is over. And I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat, Independent, conservative or liberal, you’re probably going to be very happy to know we’ve only got a week of this crap left, right?

But what IF? What IF this had been a more “conventional” presidential election? Would it have changed the way we feel? Would the outcome have been any different? Who would you say is to blame for all of this garbage we’ve been getting (and I already know the answer to that one…it depends who you are rooting for!)? Let’s play a little game of What If today…

If this had been a conventional presidential campaign, my guess is Hillary Clinton would be mopping the floor with Donald Trump. That’s without all of the name calling, and without all of the illegal acts and scandals. The reason is clear. She is a politician, he is a business tycoon. She understands the political landscape, he doesn’t. That’s blatantly obvious to any casual observer. She is still a terrible candidate, and so is he. Neither have very good political savvy, and both make a ton of mistakes, but if you took all of the negativity of this campaign and threw it away, you would have Hillary in a walk away. It’s just that simple.

What IF Hillary hadn’t decided eight years ago to put a home-brew server in her basement so she could try and escape all of the government regulations on email? What if she didn’t try to be so secretive about what she was doing as Secretary of State? What if someone besides Donald Trump ran as a Republican nominee…say Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio…someone that was an obvious politician. What if we actually talked about issues and policies instead of throwing mud about which candidate could be trusted more than the other one? Who would win then? If it were Trump as the candidate, I’d still say Clinton. If anyone else ran, she’d be toast.

And who do you blame for the mess we’ve seen? I personally blame them both, with about 65% of the blame going to Clinton. Look, take away the slimy persona, take away the scandal, take away the illegal activity, take away all the stuff those over 30 know are the Clinton’s MO and you take away 90% of the crap we’ve seen. 35% of this mess is Donald Trump’s fault, and you had to know when he started this it would end this way. Look back at his fight with Rosie O’Donnell. Did he ever mince words with her on that? Of course not. He calls it the way he sees it and doesn’t care how politically correct he is. He doesn’t care if he calls a woman a pig or a slut if he feels that’s what she is.

End analysis: Both of these two people are to blame. One should certainly be in jail, and there is no way the other should be in the White House. Unfortunately, that’s what we’re stuck with. In 2008 and 2012 we elected the wrong guy and most of America agrees with that. This year we didn’t even give ourselves a choice.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!