Why We Are Screwed Either Way

I’ve said for the last six months that we are looking at the election of the lesser of two evils, and I stick by that today. Whomever gets elected on Tuesday is going to take America down a wrong path. But let’s look at why, shall we?

I don’t believe we’ve ever had a president that was totally untrustworthy in the eyes of the electorate BEFORE the actual election. I have looked back to 1800, and still haven’t found one. Oh, we’ve had our share of scamps and law breakers that were corrupt once they got into the White House, but none that the public was aware of before election day. So, regardless who you vote for Tuesday, that one is going to set a record.

Looking at Hillary, we know she’s untrustworthy. We know Russia is out to get her, which will only heighten the tension between the US and Russia. We know she has crap for instincts when it comes to foreign policy, just like her predecessor. But what is really troubling is, while Obama really doesn’t care about foreign policy, he tolerates it, she relishes it. She loves to get in and get her hands dirty with it. And that is going to really screw up not just the United States, and the world view of us even further, it’s going to screw up the world. Look at the problems she caused in Libya pushing for Gadhafi’s overthrow! Look at the problems she caused with her stance in Egypt and Syria. Look at what idiocy she initiated by trying to get a “deal” with the Iranians before she left office (and granted, it was John Kerry that screwed the pooch on that one…but Clinton helped!).

Trump’s foreign policy isn’t much better. It’s extremely rare that countries want to ban a US president from their soil before he gets elected, but that’s what is happening with Donald Trump. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, but it’s certainly not a top achievement that you want to put in your presidential library now, is it? Trump’s brusque style is likely to alienate friends and enemies alike, and his lack of knowledge about politics won’t help one bit. Also the fact that he is more apt to do what he feels is best, going on gut instinct rather than what the accepted ways of the world are going to hurt.

For domestic policy, Trump’s view is going to be closer to a conservative view, but make no mistake, this guy is no conservative. He will not make the right happy with his policies once he gets into office, and my hunch is he is going to be like a Jesse Ventura…he’s only going to be good for one term. I mean, can you really see another election like this one in 2020?

For Clinton’s domestic policy, we are going to be on socialism’s doorstep unless the Republicans in congress grow a pair very quickly (which they haven’t done to date!). She will appoint three or four uber-liberal justices to the Supreme Court, she will over-turn every conservative principle in this country for the next century, and she will make government the cradle-to-grave answer for everything in your life. You will have no more freedom. Everything will be regulated by the government.

So, go ahead, vote on Tuesday. Who is the lesser of your two evils?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Why We Are Screwed Either Way

  1. All I know is that this is a very sad and trying time for American’s. Our fears have only been heightened by this upcoming election, not put to rest in the slightest.

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