Debunking Some Myths…

Yeah, as we enter the final weekend before Tuesday’s election, there have been a flurry of stories on both sides of the aisle that are really, really damning, and really, really bad. I’ve spent the last two or three days trying to track down the stories, because as you know, I only deal with the truth here. And while I find some of them shocking, and some of them mundane, and some of them somewhere in the middle, I have to be honest, I didn’t find any of the following items truthful. So, in fairness, let’s be real, ok?

• Hillary Clinton is a pedophile. This one started surfacing on Wednesday. I saw it in a few blogs, and that was about it. It never made the mainstream media, and it never made a lot of the news aggregate sites. It also didn’t make the sites I called, “biased, but fair”…places like Politico, Slate, or Drudge. There is nothing to support that Hillary Clinton is a pedophile. That’s not saying she’s not…it’s just saying there’s nothing to support it.

• Hillary Clinton is into women. This rumor has been going around for 30 years, and again, there’s nothing on any legitimate news site that would suggest it to be true. Back in Ohio, we always joked that our representative (a woman) could be caught in bed with Hillary and she’d still be elected because she was “a good Catholic girl that fixed it when Aunt Edna’s Social Security check was late.”

• Donald Trump has maligned and groped lots of women. Other than Trump’s lewd-talking tape of him saying how easy it was to do so, there really hasn’t been any proof from any of the women that have come forward that they were indeed groped, raped, kissed, or squeezed by Trump. He says he doesn’t know them. Clinton is accusing him, and saying that you have to believe the woman in this case. Funny. She never said that about Bill’s women when they came forward!

• Donald Trump is in bed with the Russians. Trump has business dealings all over the world. He has done a Miss Universe Pageant in Russia, but as far as I can tell, that’s pretty much the extent of his dealings in that country. There is no evidence to suggest that he is involved with Russia with anything untoward when it comes to the election. I know the FBI says they’re doing a cursory look into Paul Manafort, but he’s no longer with the campaign.

• Russia hacked the DNC’s emails. As far as anyone can tell, and being 100% truthful here, there is no proof. Yes, 17 intelligence agencies have said they THINK it’s Russia. But they can’t PROVE its Russia, and they can’t PROVE it’s a state-sponsored hack. Sorry Clinton fans. No proof, no happen.

• Clinton’s home-brew server was never hacked. Actually, the FBI has had it leak out that it was. In fact, it was hacked between five and seven times. They can’t yet say who the perpetrators were, whether it was state-sponsored or just some kid, but they say it was hacked between five and seven times. Besides, if they weren’t hacked, how are we getting to see all of these emails?

* The election is rigged. I know a lot of people on the right are concerned about this one. Frankly, I’M concerned about this one. But as of three days before the election, there hasn’t been any proof of it happening. No one has been “disenfranchised”, and no one is claiming to have seen “bags of ballots in some closet in Florida or North Carolina”. No, while it still MAY happen on either side (and I hope it doesn’t), there’s no proof the election is rigged as Trump has professed!

In the end, I’ll go back to what I’ve said at the beginning of this race. This is probably the sleaziest, slimiest, dirtiest campaign we’ve had in 170 years. You wonder why so many people on both sides are saying they’re going to sit this one out? That’s the reason. Neither of these two candidates are worthy of such a high office. And no one is ready to concede the election to either Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!