Sit Down Bobo

Just to be clear, Barack Obama has as much right as anybody in the world to campaign for whomever he wants to for president. That being said, I have one thing to say to him:

Sit down Bobo!

We all know WHY Bobo is out on the campaign trail hustling as much as he is, and why he’s got Michelle Ma Belle out there stumping hard for a lady she detests. It’s because without the black vote, Clinton loses. And all of the polls out there show quite clearly that the blacks aren’t coming around for Hillary like they did for Obama in the past two elections. Well, can you blame them?

I mean, if I were a minority, and I had the chance to elect someone from my race/creed/national origin/religion/ etc. to be the first president of that ilk, wouldn’t I do it? Of course I probably would, unless they were a total idiot. So, no, I don’t blame blacks for voting for Barack Obama for the last two election cycles, I’d probably have done the same thing. And I’d probably be really juiced about it. But this year is different. First off, he’s not running, Clinton is, and NOT the Clinton that is associated with being “the first black president in US history”…that was Bill not Hillary. Hillary is vanilla pudding, not black!

So, I get why Obama is out there. It’s just he makes an ass of himself when he says stuff to a black audience like, “I will not only be disappointed, I will consider it a personal insult if this community doesn’t come together and vote for her”. Really? An insult? That begs the question, what in hell have you done for the black community in the past eight years?

And it begs the answer, you’ve done nothing to enhance and improve their lives. Cities like Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York have wallowed in filth, in poverty, and murder since Obama took office! The one thing I think Donald Trump has been right about is that blacks have been so maligned by the Democrats over the years, what DO they have to lose in voting Republican this time around? Answer: absolutely nothing. Democrats court black votes every election cycle, and like this year, sometimes they count on it in order to win. But once they get in office, what do they do? They get stuck on the shelf and forgotten until the next election. And smart blacks are catching on after 50 years of that treatment. That’s one reason why Louis Farrakhan has called Hillary Clinton “Hitler”, and is telling blacks either not to vote or vote for Trump.

It really grinds me to see a president so egomaniacal that he says he would be “personally insulted” if blacks don’t come out for Hillary. Bobo…the only thing you should be personally insulted about is the last eight years in office when you’ve tried to destroy this country. You should be ashamed of yourself for the crappy job you’ve done. You’ve brought shame to your family, and to your race! Now sit down and shut the hell up!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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