Interesting Stuff Leading To Tomorrow!

First of all, as I have said for the past 18 months, my crystal ball broke. I don’t have a friggin’ clue who is going to win tomorrow’s election. I DO however have some interesting takes on what’s happening and why. THAT is going to be the focus today.

I found it very interesting that MSN is all about how Clinton is leading, and Trump is in the dumpster. I find it very interesting to see all negatives on Clinton and all positives on Trump when you get to a site like Drudge. It’s been amazing to see about 30 sites a day that I read before I write this stuff, and where they lie…you don’t need to know their politics beforehand, you just need to read one of their “news” stories to see the spin.

The one thing I find interesting is the pollsters. A study by the Columbia Journal Review (not your typical conservative source) finds that 96% of the pollsters out there have been contributing to Clinton. Only 4% have contributed to Trump. Now, my question is, and it’s only a question: Would that contribution have any sway in how they present their polling data to the public? I mean, these people don’t live in a vacuum. They have to have feelings about the election just like everyone else does. They can’t be 100% unbiased, hell, nobody is (I recently got accused of being biased. I am. I’ve never said this blog was an unbiased look at things…just a truthful look at things!).

By the way, that list included the Washington Post, Yahoo, Time Magazine, and a host of other folks that have been sponsoring polls in the past year. So, have they Gerry-rigged their polls to show Clinton doing better than Trump? Why is the LA Times/USC poll been in the tank for Trump by anywhere from 1-6 points over the past six months, and no one else is? And why is it, that after the news hit and we’ve had a week of polling since then, it’s being reported that the following states are TIED: Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Pennsylvania? Trump leads in Florida, and is up by a point in North Carolina. He’s down several and probably will lose Virginia, but looks like he will probably win Iowa, and will most assuredly now will win Georgia and Missouri.

Let’s do some electoral math, shall we? Let’s say for grins and giggles that Trump wins Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, holds Florida, Georgia, loses Pennsylvania and North Carolina and New Hampshire. If that holds and the momentum stays the way it is through today and into tomorrow…and Trump voters actually DO go to the polls (that’s the next big IF), Trump wins the electoral election 275-263.

And if the pollsters have Gerry-rigged the whole thing to favor Clinton, it could even be worse! Let’s face it, the Dems are in total panic mode, and have been since Comey’s announcement about the FBI investigation being re-opened, and since word has leaked out that there are startling revelations of Pay-To-Play with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton’s time in office as Secretary of State. I really don’t think yesterday’s announcement that the FBI is going to have a big sway on people. It’s too close to the elction, so add those two things together, and it may not be as close as everyone says it’s going to be. But you gotta vote!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


11 thoughts on “Interesting Stuff Leading To Tomorrow!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    The current bunch running the country must believe they have the 300+, electoral college votes, and may possibly have bribed them. It would account for Comey’s most recent act of stupidity.

  2. I think the big pan fish known as Comey: that his flipping announcement only further demonstrates how screwed up Washington is. I doubt it helps anyone, but if it slightly helped, I think maybe Trump. Oh pan fish or sometimes called sunfish in Missouri, flip around from side to side on the dock or bank after they are caught.

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