As You Head To The Polls Today…

Here are some musings from the still-hot desert (yeah…still in the upper 80’s in NOVEMBER, for cryin’ out loud!) as we all trudge to the ballot box:


I found it interesting the Rasmussen has come out with a poll suggesting that 60% of “likely voters” (and I’m assuming since it’s over 50% that would include a share of Dems as well) say that Hillary Clinton has violated the law. 48% of those responding (those must be the Republicans) say it’s VERY likely that Clinton violated the law.


As far as whether or not the FBI screwed up back when James Comey said that no prosecutor would ever consider indicting Clinton based on the information that had been discovered, and that there would be no recommendation to move forward with an indictment, 53% say the FBI screwed up. 39% say they did the right thing. Again, there are more people that said Clinton should have been indicted than Republicans, and fewer people that said that she shouldn’t be indicted than there are Democrats. That tells me she hasn’t even convinced Democrats that she is innocent.


We head to the polls today. Well, at least the 60% of us that are going to vote that haven’t already voted because of early (read that as fraudulent) voting allowed in a lot of states. And as we head to the polls, I’m musing about why anyone that would even think that Clinton was guilty of a federal crime and should have been indicted (at least 53% according to Rasmussen) would bother to support her. Are we that degraded and abased of a nation that we are now going to support criminals (at least who we think are criminals) for the highest office in the land?


The over-the-hill pop star Madonna told the press this past weekend that the whole world is laughing at us because of Donald Trump’s serious run at the White House. And they aren’t laughing at us because of what Barack Obama has done the past eight years? They aren’t laughing at us because we have someone that if she were indicted would most likely be a felon and sent to jail as a candidate that people are actually thinking of voting for (or already have?)? You don’t think people are laughing at us because of that? Donald Trump is a lot of things. He’s arrogant, he’s an egomaniac, and in some sense he’s a liar (and though he made lewd comments that I personally don’t condone, no one has been able to actually prove that he did any of them)…and he’s a total ass. But at least he’s not looking at jail time if he loses!


So, going to the polls today, vote your conscience. If you truly believe that Hillary Clinton is innocent of the magnitude of crimes she’s been accused of by pretty much everybody out there that matters, then you should go ahead and vote for her. If you can look yourself in the mirror and say that you feel that you feel that crime doesn’t enter into any of this and that all of the talk over the last 30 years about how the Clintons have cheated and broken the law, then go ahead and pull the lever (or in our state connect the arrows) for her. If you can’t, then do some deep soul searching and ask yourself if an egomaniac is going to be any better than a felon. That’s really the choice you have this year because one of them is going to be president. Do you want an egomaniac ass or do you want a criminal felon that will twist and break the law because she’s above it? That’s your choice America. Now get out there and make it!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. As I bite my nails while sitting on the edge of my seat I keep getting a sick feeling in my gut and it isn’t the burger from last night. Here we finally go…HOLD ON!!!!!

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