Get Your Wallets Out!

IF Clinton gets elected today, you are looking at a massive tax hike. Now, I know she said that she wasn’t going to raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000. Of course, Barack Obama said that as well. I’ve NEVER made over $250,000 and I’m paying more in taxes today than I ever have (not state and local taxes either). So, he lied. She’s lied throughout this campaign, and hasn’t disputed that fact.

Now, the National Academy of Sciences has come out and said that if Clinton gets elected today, every single household in America needs to pony up $15,000. That equates to $1.2 TRILLION dollars so that she can enact her immigration plan and bring in all of the illegal aliens and make them citizens. That’s the cost to the country to bring them to citizenship. Actually, according to a Heritage Foundation study, it would be $1.29 TRILLION dollars which would be enough to pay for infrastructure, schooling, welfare, and other costs associated with the illegal aliens. And no…by the way, they are NOT undocumented. Most already have driver’s licenses, which is a document. So they are still illegal. Don’t get confused on that issue.

So, before you pull that lever, realize that if Clinton wins, you had better be prepared to open your wallet wide and say, “Give it to me straight Hillary…I can’t take it, but you’re going to anyway!”

Isn’t it funny that she never mentioned that little fact during any of her debates? Isn’t it funny that she didn’t highlight that during any of her campaign stops and speeches? Of course, that only happens IF she wins, and IF she takes over both houses of congress, because even as mamby-pamby as the Republicans on Capitol Hill are, they usually don’t raise taxes like that! And just think for a minute about the revolt that will happen when she does do that!

No, this is one person that hasn’t been telling the truth since before day one. She, her husband, her daughter, her surrogates, they’ve all lied about their true intentions once they get into office, and once they do, there isn’t a damn thing any one of us can do about it.

So think about that before you pull the lever today, if you haven’t already. It’s important that you understand the facts, and as you all know, the Desert Man keeps you informed of the TRUE facts, and not the spin. Yes, I’m biased to a point, but I’m truthful to a fault. And there is no debate on that topic. Everything said here is sourced, cited, and true. That’s just the way we roll…

Now, go, get off the couch and vote. Oh, don’t forget to take your new $15,000 tax with you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!