Get Over It!

When The Eagles got back together for their reunion tour, they brought out the song, “Get Over It”. That seems like an appropriate title too. For those millions of screaming, crying, disenfranchised, liberal idiots that were doing anti-Trump marches, and bitching about the election, I have one thing to say:

Get over it.

For the past eight years, conservatives have had to Get Over It just like you’re going to have to do now. You want to move to Canada? Go! Just don’t come back. Of course, Canada doesn’t want you. They are already warning American liberals (including Lena Dunham) that they are not going to be welcome there. Why would you be? All you do is complain when you don’t get your way.

Look, today I need to tell you WHY Hillary Clinton lost. Oh, for the libs out there, I know you FELT it was inevitable that she would be the first woman president because she wanted to be. But she was a very flawed candidate. I had said here time and time again that she wasn’t qualified. She hadn’t successfully done anything positive in her career. In short, she was a loser from the word “go”. She lied, she got tied up in scandal after scandal, and frankly, that’s no way to start an administration. She never would have gotten anything done. And while millions backed her and thought she was really great, in the end, Hillary didn’t do what she had to do, and she had mountains to climb…mountains she couldn’t climb.

Hillary Clinton didn’t woo the white women of this country. She lost them 53% to 42%. She couldn’t even get half of them. She lost the college educated vote with 64% of them going for Trump. Why? Her untrustworthiness. Yes, you heard right. Donald Trump won more white women than Hillary Clinton did in the final analysis. Hillary Clinton wasn’t able to get her base out. Oh, she had the greatest “machine” in history, but you can’t put a gun to someone’s head and get them to vote. That’s what she needed. The problem there was she wasn’t an exciting candidate. Barack Obama excited people. Hillary Clinton screeched at them.

Hillary Clinton’s second biggest problem (the biggest is yet to come) was she didn’t tell anybody WHY she should be president. She tried to make herself a less evil candidate than Donald Trump. That’s not a way to run a campaign. All that does is get people angry. And then they don’t vote for either of you. She didn’t have a plan that was well-thought-out. She was angry, but not likeable (which has always been a problem for her). She wasn’t someone you could sit and have a cup of coffee or a beer with. That hurt.

But the biggest problem for Clinton? History. She was bucking history. Since Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey way back in 1948, there hasn’t been 12 years of Democrats’ ruling the White House. After every eight years of a Democrat on Pennsylvania Avenue, the country has said, “Enough already!” and gone Republican. In fact the same thing happens on the right. Only once since Truman have the Republicans been able to buck that trend and that was when George HW Bush followed Ronald Reagan. The country was tired of Barack Obama, regardless of what his approval ratings say, and they wanted a change. They wanted an outsider, and that wasn’t Clinton.

So, she’s gone. She’s still a loser. Get over it. Deal with it. Move to Canada if you want. It’ll help us greatly in our next election.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!