What’s Next For Democrats?

Well, the election is over, and the pundits who failed to call a single thing right in this election (and I must admit here in all truthfulness, I felt Hillary Clinton WOULD win, in fact, I had predicted she’d win the White House and then be impeached by April) screwed up again in a lot of areas in the post-election post-mortem. My question is the same thing now as it was four years ago, only reversed. Who do the Dems have on their bench that is strong enough to run for the White House in 2020?

I can’t see it at this point. They have Elizabeth Warren, who is a strong possibility. The problem with Warren is, she is like Clinton in that she is very polarizing. She is WAY farther left of Clinton and that isn’t going to help bring Republicans or Independents to the party. Other than her, I can’t see anybody on the Democrats’ bench. Harry Reid will be dead by that time. Barbara Boxer is now gone. Nancy Pelosi is as good as dead as well. Maybe a Chuck Schumer? That doesn’t seem all that likely. I just can’t see him as presidential material. Let’s face it, as we saw this year when you have Bernie Sanders missing the nomination by a hair because of the DNC railing against him, there just isn’t anyone on the bench.

That doesn’t bode well for the party. They really have no rock stars out there. I’m not saying the GOP is full of them either, but at least they’ve got a Ted Cruz or a Marco Rubio that are still winning races and still visible. Paul Ryan could be as well in eight years, or four if Trump decides not to run for re-election, and that very well could happen. He gets bored easily.

No, I think right now, the Democrats are in a worse position than the Republicans were in 2008. The GOP had their leadership in place in both the House and the Senate even though they didn’t control either. The Dems are woefully lacking. Can you name for me the current longest serving Democrat in the House? How about the second-longest? Can you do so in the Senate?

For the record, the longest serving Democrat currently in the House is John Conyers of Michigan. The second longest is Charlie Rangel of New York. And in the Senate? Well, the Dems lost their top three longest-serving Senators this time around. Patrick Leahy from Vermont, Barbara Mikulski from Maryland, and Harry Reid from Nevada all retired. That leaves Diane Feinstein of California as the longest serving Dem in the Senate. Obviously none of these three that are still there would break into the “Superstar” category.

No, I think the Dems need to find a governor or someone at the state level that would be more of a candidate than we saw from Hillary Clinton. And the funny thing that I read this morning that had Donald Trump run in 2012, he would have been a better candidate against Obama than Mitt Romney. Well, that’s not saying much since Romney failed to get out the base vote. But the National Review online said that it would have been possible for Trump to actually have BEATEN Obama four years ago! THAT would have put a major hurt on the Democrats’ party. As it is, they’re hurting enough right now!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “What’s Next For Democrats?

  1. They are so busy licking their wounds right now and beyond stunned to even think straight. Oh, wait, do they think straight? LOL. Yes, I am sure they are plotting already…

    • Mooch? I really like that! The biggest challenge she’s going to have next year is how to take multi-million dollar vacations on the taxpayer’s dime! Nah… I don’t see her as a serious candidate. You may see Elizabeth Warren run now that Hillary is out of the way, but I really doubt you’re going to see someone that far left. Someone a LOT more moderate is my guess…just an early hunch!

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