So What Will Trump Do???

Well, I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty tired of seeing liberal idiots protesting in the streets, like that is going to change anything. I have no idea why these people think that if they walk far enough or long enough or cry loud enough that anyone with power is going to do anything about it. It didn’t happen when they protested in Ferguson. Oh, the DOJ may have given some lip service, but that was about all. And it won’t happen now. But what we want to do is turn our attention away from the attention seeking mob of do-nothings, and see what Donald Trump will REALLY do as president.

It will be the first time since 1928 when Herbert Hoover was elected that there will be a Republican president, a Republican house, and a Republican senate. It’s basically the same scenario the Dems had in 2008. So, for the first two years, you’re going to see a flurry of activity instead of Obama’s one-trick pony with Obamacare. Trump’s not that stupid. Here’s what’s going to happen.

Obama’s executive orders are going to go by the wayside quickly. Trump doesn’t need congress for that. He can do that at 3am with little more than a Twitter feed. That means that allowing abortion funding for international groups is history. Planned Parenthood better start holding meetings on how to re-figure their budget because that funding is going to get cut. And you better believe all immigration stuff that Obama tried to get through is toast as well.

Other things that will probably take some time are dismantling the Iran Nuclear Deal. Pulling out, or re-negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership. Appointing a replacement to Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, and starting work on repealing Obamacare once the House and Senate can agree on something to replace it. That could be something as simple as lifting restrictions on crossing state lines while keeping the two best things about Obamacare in place; the elimination of the pre-existing condition clause, and allowing kids up to 26 years of age living with their parents to stay on their parents’ policies. Don’t think that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell aren’t working on that as you read this!

Then you’ve got immigration. Trump has long said that if you’re here illegally you’ve got to go and come back the right way to become a citizen. That’s not to say that he wouldn’t let those people stay in this country legally if they hadn’t committed crimes, as long as they remained aliens (not get citizenship). That may very well be the thing he has to negotiate to get it through the Senate. But Dems will be hard pressed to give up anything but a full amnesty for those 15 million people (and more are streaming across the border every day between now and January 20th!)

One thing I don’t think will happen anytime soon is the closing of Guantanamo Bay. I think those terrorists there had better get very comfortable. They’re going to be there for a while.
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “So What Will Trump Do???

  1. Well Desert, it looks like you receive comments on three of your posts for the price of one.

    I have gotten over the election. I processed it Wednesday, looked up to see if that farmhouse is still for sale in southern France for 60,000 Euros (a steal at this price), but decided it was best to stay and see what happens. I am giving Trump the benefit of the doubt here but it falls in the old Reagan trust but verify category. Last thought on the election sort of comes from the Republican playbook. Trump is really not a legitimate president as he did not receive over 50% of the vote and lost the popular vote, so mandate here. Keep that in mind.

    What will the Democrats do and who is on the bench? You stated you have Ted Cruz who shuts down the government and blames other as part of the future. He is hated by the Republican elite and I doubt he could stand up to the investigation of his past and his father’s past, which has so many lies it makes Trump look like Diogenes. Marco Rubio, are you kidding me, will he ever show up to the job? After that they have who, Huckabee, Carson,?

    As for the Democrats, can’t give you any names as known contenders, but I believe you will see either a woman or Hispanics run next time.

    What will Trump do, tax cuts for the wealthy, corporations and eliminating the inheritance tax as this is part of Eddie Munster’s “The Way Forward” plan along with privatization of Medicare, privatization of Social Security, cutting or eliminating SNAP.

    He has a plan to spend a billion dollars a year on infrastructure but the batshit crazy wing of the Republicans who hate spending will be a problem but the Democrats are behind him on this one. This could go either way. If defeated, the unwashed masses who voted for him will be seriously pissed for it means the jobs he promised.

    Obamacare, he is back tracking on this, claiming that provisions will be kept, essentially amending the law. No mention about keeping the closing of the donut hole. I would write my Congressman but considering he is a blithering idiot, that’s a waste of time unless I was a fetus, then he would listen.

    The manufacturing jobs he promised, no word on that yet. The unwashed masses are getting nervous.

    Cabinet posts, looks like he is trolling the bottom of the swamp he wants to clean up. Seeing how this develops.

    Evangelical Christians are waiting for the repeal of the Johnson Amendment and Bibles in the classroom just like his platform said. You guys are being played again, deal with it. Oh and we are going to spend close to a billion dollars a new embassy in Jerusalem, can’t wait to see the appropriation on that.

    So you seem to have a problem with the protesters, it’s called the First Amendment and I want to be one of the professional protesters to supplement my income. Always ready to dust off the old “Nixon pull out like your father should have” sign to earn some extra coin, with a new message. No sense using a sign regarding a war that ended over 40 years ago and a disgraced president who is dead.

    Final thoughts, if Trump doesn’t deliver on jobs by midterms In 2018, Trump and the Republicans could very well be toast. Alot of articles I have read lately say that.

    Look at Nate Silver’s map from about two days before the election, kind of predicted what happened, he nailed this election also.

    If I buy that farmhouse in southern France, maybe I’ll let you and Mrs Desert visit, it’s in Cathar country. Tres bien. Have fun storming the castle.

    • Whew! You really do fill up notebooks with your comments, don’t you? OK…let’s get started. First of all, nice to see you aren’t going to follow 98% of your fellow liberals and leave the country. It would only make 2020 a breeze to re-elect Trump (or whomever is the nominee). I would agree with you the Dems have nobody in the wings, and the only thing they can do now is set records for filibusters, which is what they do very well…blather on about nothing and at the end of the day congratulate each other that they tried (and failed) to accomplish something.
      As far as Trump is concerned with his programs, I also agree that we have to give him time to see what he’s going to do. You may end up happier than me! Tim will tell. If you buy that farmhouse, do me a favor…take John Kerry with you. He likes wine and bicycling, and the French are good at both.

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