Does Obama Even Have A Legacy Anymore?

Every president wants to do something that they will be remembered in the history books for. Some are better at it than others. Some screw up and are remembered for that. Others become nothing more than specks in the dustbin of history. What’s going to happen to Barack Obama and his legacy? My guess is it won’t be pretty.

If you take a look at the things that Obama accomplished during his eight years in office, they are things that have either failed miserably or are easily undone. For the first two years in office he basically focused on getting Obamacare through. That wasted a LOT of time and political capital. And in the end analysis, it also wasted a lot of money with almost zero results. Oh, I’ll give the Dems credit that they wiped away the pre-existing condition clause that all insurance companies had, and they made it possible (because of Obamacare) that anyone under 26 that couldn’t find work because companies were cutting back on workers to stay under the Obamacare limit could still stay on their parents’ policies if they lived with their parents. Beyond that, it was a nightmare, an abortion, and did nothing more than give people insurance. The Dems forgot you actually have to give people ACCESS to healthcare, not just insurance for it. It was a waste of over a trillion dollars!

You can’t point to immigration as an accomplishment because any movement toward reform was tamped down by the Supreme Court. You can’t look at an improvement with race relations as we’ve had to suffer through the most tempestuous times since the 1960’s. You can’t say that he made government more transparent. His IRS commissioner, HHS secretary, Veterans’ Affairs head all had to be fired or quit under pressure, with scandals looming over them. In the meantime, his Department of Justice proved itself to be the most partisan bunch of hacks to sit in DC in over 145 years. They were biased, they were racist, they were partisan. None of which you want to see with “blind justice”. A huge fail.

On foreign policy, Obama couldn’t get out of the starting gate. His Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal was a monstrosity from the get go. All it did was try to push the US into allowing other countries to have more say in our dealings. His position on the bogus “climate change” or “global warming” or whatever term the libs can come up with to fit today’s weather was off-base and non-existent. It proved to be a waste of time, resources, and money. In fact, the north pole has more polar ice today than they did 8 years ago, and the world has done very little to reduce “our carbon footprint”.

When you look at the Middle East, you see nothing but turmoil that wasn’t there before Obama took office. Yes, we were in Iraq, and yes, we had won in Iraq. But by pulling out troops too soon, it left a gaping hole in the region that was quickly filled by terrorists like ISIS. He backed the wrong side by letting Hosni Mubarak of Egypt be swept from power without so much as a whimper from the US. By making terrible decisions to go after Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and oust him left a power vacuum that has been filled by ISIS. By not going after Bashar al Assad in Syria, and by drawing phony lines in the sand, Obama allowed Iran and Russia to come in and lead in that part of the world. Speaking of Russia, it was Obama’s total lack of understanding of world geo-dynamics that led to Russia confiscating Crimea and having border skirmishes with Ukraine. That was not a world leader!

Of course we can’t forget the flawed and failed Iran Nuclear Deal. While John “I Served In Vietnam” Kerry was busy giving nukes to the Iranians (I thought his mission was to make sure they never got nukes…not never got nukes while Obama was in office!), he failed miserably in his duty to this country and not only made America less safe, he made our allies in the Middle East less safe.

No, there is no legacy item for Barack Obama. There is nothing positive you can say about a president that played more golf in the past eight years than Tiger Woods. There’s nothing good that this person did with the last eight years of their life. And when the Republicans get through cleaning up all of his mistakes, as they will in time, there will be two things to see at the Obama Presidential Library… a basketball hoop and his set of golf clubs. That’s all he managed to do with his presidency.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Does Obama Even Have A Legacy Anymore?

  1. Can’t add anything to what you wrote. I couldn’t agree more. Dismantling the Middle-East was insanity. I have 2 sons and a step son all in the military. I feel more afraid for them since the Obama administration than I ever did before.

    • I thank God every day that my son-in-law, who served in Iraq for a year is home now. I will keep you in my prayers for a safe return for all three boys! Please thank them for me for their service!!!

    • Yup. That’s exactly what happens when you tell a bunch of spoiled kids that they are all “winners” for finishing eighth in Little League! They can’t take it when their presidential candidate finishes second!

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