Give Me A Break!

I really don’t have a problem with people that have big egos. After all, they are the ones that usually get us places. Oh, not all of the time, but the ones that succeed usually do have a rather large picture of themselves. And then you’ve got those that have the over-inflated ego without any talent. We can all think of several there. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, you get the type, right? I think we can add Hillary Clinton to the latter list.

Clinton had a conference call with several of her really, really big donors on Saturday. She tried to explain what went wrong, and for the record, can we all agree that something did go horribly wrong with her campaign? Good. Because she had to do a post-mortem with them, which isn’t easy. After you’ve courted people to donate millions of dollars to your campaign and bundle millions more, it’s tough to tell them that you screwed up. And of course she didn’t.

She blamed it on FBI Director James Comey.

Unwilling to tell the world that she was the world’s worst presidential candidate because she had no vision of America, she was boring to listen to, she screeched continuously, and then when the campaign realized that she had terrible trustworthy and honesty numbers (not to mention likeability), she tried to make Trump worse than she was, she really failed. But that couldn’t be said. Ego wouldn’t allow it. So, the coronation was stopped by the FBI Director, who said five days before an election that he was going to re-open the investigation into her illegal email scandal because of the 650,000 emails that had been stored on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Gee…when Comey came out three days later and said there was nothing there to see, she was all grins and giggles. What happened with that? Of course, she contends AFTER the election that it played into Trump’s hand that the system was rigged toward her. Well, tell me it wasn’t! Tell me Donna Brazile didn’t give her debate questions BEFORE debates with Bernie Sanders. Tell me that Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz wasn’t fully in the tank for her during the primary. Tell me that she wasn’t guilty of having state secrets hacked off of her computer, or at the very least storing state secrets on an unsecured server. Oh…I forgot, she DID apologize for that, so that makes it all better. Want to know what would have happened if that had been your or me? Take a guess!

No, Hillary Clinton lost for several reasons, none of it doing with James Comey. She lost because she was a poor candidate who couldn’t draw enough attention to herself. She lost because she couldn’t get her base out on Election Day. She lost because she wasn’t trustworthy, honest, or likeable, the three big things you need to be elected president. She lost because she was embroiled in not one, but two rather large scandals involving the time she was Secretary of State. Smartest woman in the world? Nah. She’s not even the smartest woman in the room…she just has the biggest ego!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Give Me A Break!

  1. Maybe if we were not at the end of 8 years of feeling as though the current administration lies to us everytime they speak. If we hadn’t felt as though every chance to they spoke to Christians as though they were bigots or that there was something wrong with us, maybe…
    We have felt anxiety for at least the past 4 years. Maybe if it weren’t for those things spoken seemingly to half of Americans then maybe Hillary would have made it, in spite of all her lies. I don’t know if I could have handled it if she had won. Too much at stake. Supreme Court justices probably being the biggest. Over half my life is over but I have grandchildren that I want to have the same chance that I had to be an American and to live in a nation where we can feel safe in. We can have freedom and at the same time we treat others with respect and dignity.

    • I feel exactly like you do! And I agree that while I was prepared on last Tuesday night for a Clinton win, I was dreading the next four years. I figured I could hole up out here in the desert and maybe she’d go away. I did the same thing with Obama…as much of a political junkie as I was, I never watched a minute of one of his speeches. I couldn’t stomach that round face with bulging ears! It drove me nuts!

  2. Well Desert, I see you don’t take your own advice, the election is over, you have your president, illegitimate as he is because he lost the popular vote and did not receive a majority, so why another column on Hillary? Let go dude, she will be in private life and your boy will fuck up the country, what’s not to like.

    Making America White Again for almost a week.

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