What I Find Funny…

I find several things funny about this past week’s election. I think it’s absolutely hilarious to watch a few hundred people in Portland, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles (basically liberal bastions) march in protest of the election results. Like that is really going to solve anything? It is a very stark display of what is wrong with liberalism. You do something that won’t change anything, just so you can say that you did something and you feel better about it. It probably would have been better looking at the numbers a little more than we all could last Tuesday night, if these same folks would have gotten off their couches and actually voted. Clinton didn’t do very well with black voters…they stayed home. Clinton didn’t do well with the “Millennials”. ..they stayed home.

Clinton didn’t even do well with white women…the very ones that were going to help her smash the glass ceiling at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York Tuesday night. She lost that demographic to Trump as well. And the Democrats are in full panic mode because they can’t understand how the country wouldn’t accept Clinton as their president! Are you kidding me?

So, when the main-stream-media is going around doing interviews with Dems asking them why they lost, it wasn’t because Hillary Clinton was a liar and untrustworthy, and tied up in several scandals that did absolutely nothing for the country but only for herself and her hubby…nope. They said it was because they felt she was too mainstream and wasn’t liberal ENOUGH?! Really? They really think an Elizabeth Warren could have done any better? Well, that’s good news on one front…because the election on Tuesday night, though close, was a repudiation not only of the messenger (Clinton), but also the message (liberalism). Neither worked. Both were extremely flawed. And while the main-stream-media was busy looking for someone to blame, they could also have looked at the current occupant of the White House. For it was Barack Obama’s total failure over the last eight years to lead this country anywhere but the porcelain bowl that was also a big part of the Democrats’ loss.

If this were just the candidate, not the message, you wouldn’t have seen the GOP hold on to the Senate. You would have seen the Dems take the Senate and cut deep into the GOP lead in the House. Neither of those things happened. And they didn’t happen because it wasn’t just the messenger. It was also the message.

So the Democrats will be looking at themselves long and hard, just as the Republicans have done for the past eight years to see why they couldn’t win a presidential election that they felt was being handed to them on a silver platter. After all, didn’t Hillary say she WANTED to run against Trump? Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “What I Find Funny…

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    If they had voted, today, there could have been some real revolution and I, could have been a outlaw. America was spared.
    The odd thing about it all is, those protesting, are the ones who stand to gain the most, from a Trump presidency.

    • Spot on Brittius! But, stupid is as stupid does and they can’t see past the nose on their face! They just need someone to blame for their lot in life instead of looking in the mirror.

    • And the weird thing that I saw…most of them are too damn young to vote. They’re like 16 years old. So, I beg the question…where in hell are their parents?

  2. Well Desert, it appears that only people who voted have the right to the First Amendment. Tricky thing is do you question each person as to whether or not they voted? Actually this is another bullshit nonsense talking point from the right wing echo chamber.

    The other bullshit is Brittius saying they will benefit from a Trump presidency. Sorry dude, you drank the Kool aid and his tax policy is, well if I were you I would keep the KY handy because you will need it, unless of course you are in the 1%. Don’t believe me, just wait, you will find out. Better yet, do you even know what is his tax plan, I bet not

    As for Lorra B, by June of next year we will see who is stupid as the uterus patrol is out in full force and Pence starts imposing his Christian Shari’a law.

    Then you have an anti semitic White Nationalist in the White House. Yup, Make America Great Again means Make America White Again. Steve Bannon, the laundry called, your Brown Shirts are ready.

    Just predicting the future.

    • First of all, I’ve said nothing regarding the First Amendment. These idiots have as much right to protest as anybody. But you obviously miss the point. It’s not that they have the right to do it…it’s WHY they do it. That’s where you libs are always off base. It’s because they’ve been coddled by liberal parents and think that the world will be handed to them, and if they don’t like it, they can just protest for an hour and feel better without ever having worked for anything or changed anything. THAT was the point that you obviously couldn’t understand. Hell, I think it’d be great if they protested in their towns until they were rubble if that’s what they want to do…it’s THEIR town they are destroying (another thing these idiots don’t understand). They aren’t hurting me a damn bit. The rest of your post was really poorly written, even more poorly thought out, and rambling, and frankly doesn’t deserve to be published anywhere, so I won’t comment on it.

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