Hillary On “The Loss”

While Millennials protest in the streets, rioting and basically wondering how in the world they could actually lose anything, Hillary Clinton held a conference call with her closest supporters on Friday. Oh, it wasn’t the sugar-coated concession speech we heard. This one had twangs of bitterness and regret.

She basically told the crowd during the 15 minute call that the last few days had been very, very tough on her emotionally. She was so sure that she was going to win that it was a shock when she didn’t. She begged the people to “get back in there and fight when you feel ready to do so”. She didn’t discuss any plans for her personally, but of course, her stock has plummeted worse than Amazon.com in the last week. I truly doubt she and Bill are going to be getting any $500,000 speaking fees any time soon. Maybe more like $50,000!

I’m sure that any candidate that goes through what we put our presidential candidates through would feel and has felt the same way as Clinton did. When you think of it, she has been on the road for two years, not able to be herself, not able to enjoy the foods she enjoys, or the hobbies she enjoys. She put on 50 pounds during the campaign and ballooned up to 209 pounds! THAT is why all of the pant suits that doubled as pup tents. And frankly, I don’t fault her one bit for feeling bad. I know Mitt Romney said he felt the same way. He went into election night feeling that he had it in the bag too. It’s gotta be tough to know that all of that work, all of that travel, the tons of speeches, the limelight and focus for two years or so went all for naught. I get that. But she knew from 2008 exactly what she was getting herself into.

No, we won’t be seeing Hillary Clinton soon anywhere. I’m sure she and Bill will be out walking their dog, and will be out trying to raise money for the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation. It’ll be a lot tougher with her out of office and not affiliated with the government at all. But it probably will keep her busy, and there are enough leftists in the world that will pony up. Those folks always seem to help each other out after losses like she suffered.

My post-election, anti-Clinton feelings haven’t quite diminished just yet, and I don’t think I really want them to. While I really think Obama will probably pardon her for any potential crimes she may have committed, I never really thought Trump would go through and try to prosecute her as he said he would in the second debate. Yes, she was very crooked. Yes, she broke several laws. And yes, she lied to the American public. As the media pundits try to analyze what went wrong with the Democrats in this election, and the DNC does the same, they need to look at that. They lost the election for one reason. They had a very flawed and untrustworthy candidate. I’m not saying Donald Trump was some white knight on a giant steed swooping in to save us. He was almost as bad. Almost. But she was terrible. She was the worst presidential candidate I have seen in my lifetime, taking that mantle from either Bob Dole, John McCain, or Michael Dukakis. I’ll let you choose on that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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